500 Puffs…Please!

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Gas station e-cigs exposed

I realize this is not the go-to device for the ECA family or the seasoned vaper, but for one in transition, I must make a comment on what these devices really are.

My life has been crazy the past four years, but the last year it really took a turn for the worse. I was living in the UAE, working for a company and got word my mother went into the hospital. She died three weeks later. I moved back to the US a few months later only to find my family unhinged. The last year in specific has been rough. I have moved seven times in the past four years and already twice over the past year and will need to move this June once again. Crazy right?

All of this change has led me to lose Internet at home (thank you Public Library). In fact, I am living on such a tight budget here in WA State that I only heat one room. It was 42 inside my place yesterday morning. Not whining, life is what it is, but this has directly impacted my juice supply. Maybe this is why I am so upset when I have to run to a gas station for that emergency e-cig and spend way too much money for a product that simply doesn’t even come close to that advertised.

I have next to me a Lotus e-cig. The flavor is cherry and that is a stretch…I hate wondering what the actual flavor really is. On a recent road trip, I did purchase another brand that really tasted good. There was no doubt about the flavor, almost too sweet.

This device looks great. It is the size of an analog, light weight with very low nic levels and sweet flavors. It fits perfectly anywhere, easy to use, just take it out and puff. The market is youth, there is no doubt about this. At two local smoke shops recently, both clerks said they almost exclusively sell these devices to “kids” which meant 18 and over or whatever the minimum age requirement is through the college years.

I am not complaining about the low nic levels or flavors (there is no sustained flavor after the first day) but the battery life and price. This thing should cost about $3. If this was the case, no review here. But it was not $3…it was almost $11. That is way too much for this thing…way too much!

Forget my being out of work, living off savings, scrounging…$11 for this device is simply a rip off!

I have tried several of these and every one of them acted the same. Flavor hit was decent the first hour or so. Then things go downhill and fast!

The first device lasted four hours. Yes, 4 as in 2+2=4. Seriously…four hours! The second and third lasted about a day. These seem to last for a “night out” at best. The hit is decent for the first 20 puffs and then diminishes quickly. At puff 50 it is mildly flavored air. At 75 you are near the end. The little battery light at the tip is half its original illumination.

Not that I really reflect…I don’t think I ever got to 75 puffs on any of these devices.

Who knows how long the shelf life is on these cheap batteries. But if you bought three of these devices, you are in the E-GO price range. With a little effort, you could get a decent kit for around $35 or so.

I write in hopes someone who is floating and buying these things will get a decent PV, and hopefully be in better position than me to get a decent supply of juice. I also am trying to get these smaller suppliers to buy better devices like the Mistic or another that lasts much longer.

When “smokers” laugh at e-cigs they think these cheap devices are what the e-cig devices are ALL like. Most here know better. Now when I walk into a gas station, I suggest a few brands to the manager that will make a better impact to build their e-cig market. If the first impression is poor, why come back? Better to make a first impression that keeps one off analogs that hopefully will lead to an Internet search and hopefully here to ECA.

For those who have had success with that “over-the-counter” e-cig, please make comment. I like the Mistic and feel it is in a class by itself over the Lotus types. What is your go-to if you get stuck traveling?

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  1. Michelle says

    Swisher Sweets has a new e-cig and they are pretty good if you need something fast at a gas station

  2. mrcrunch08 says

    I’ve tried a couple of those myself and the battery dies half way through the day. Some do taste good but such a waste of money and I think they turn more people away from ecigs then convert.

  3. muertala says

    Personally I have only tried 1 over-the-counter e-cig and that was at Walgreens. My go to device is a ego twist 1100mah and kanger t3, its good for both traveling and staying at home.

  4. Johnathan Brown says

    I originally used a blu disposable to test the waters, and although looking back the thing is pale in comparisson to anything else ive tried, it still helped me switch. I agree that they are far too expensive for what they do. worth a pack or two of smokes? yea right, gtfo

  5. Anthony says

    Yeah they give what feels like 4-5 cigarettes worth of puffs 😀 not 500..

  6. Chad says

    Hope your luck increases and your juice supply goes up. Keep postin and likin stuff here and you’re on your way to free juice!

  7. TheCrookedOne says

    I have never tried the over the counter ecigs…..
    I was fortunate to have found someone who knew what they were doing in the vape world…Started out at a ego twist …
    Great write up ..

  8. roni says

    this is how i first quit smoking with ecigs—picked up a mystic kit on my way home, stopping at a truck stop. then realized that i couldn’t find any replacement cartridges for it locally. then i picked up something similar to what you mentioned [without any chargers or refills] and paid close to $15 for it [they always lasted me about 4 hours], then i found the same brand with charger and cartridges at a gas station while camping but then couldn’t get replacement cartridges locally. finally, i found an njoy kit and refillable cartridges locally—just to have them stop carrying them the very next week at that location and would have to drive to the other side of town for cartridges. oh, what i could do with the money i wasted just trying to keep from smoking an analog! i could have had a couple of mods and a year supply of juice lol—some walmarts are now carrying mystics. i am sooo happy that i found out about vaping and all of the online resources 🙂

  9. Anne Fincher says

    I agree that these devices are overpriced. They do serve a purpose in a pinch and for those who want to quit smoking but still want the sensation of analog cigarettes.

  10. mongrel says

    I’ve never used a disposable, but my first e-cig was an EonSmoker Mini 808, bought over the counter at the gas station in town.

    The starter kit, which included a battery, charger and 2 or three cartos was around $17. Of course y the second day I was buying my second starter kit, by the third I was buying 5-packs of cartos for around $14.

    I could have done better, but I could have done much worse. It was good they were 808, because I soon learned that there were better devices and accessories that were still compatible.

    It was also good that the company priced things higher on their website than I was buying them locally, it pushed me to search around and eventually discover the world of e-cigs.

  11. Amanda says

    Great post!

  12. GhOsT DoGg79 says

    love your title lol

  13. Todd says

    Great for being in a pinch – but this has always been my gripe with the ones I see in the store. I always see “equals about 2 packs of cigarettes” – no no no. Sadly, someone may actually be wanting to quit and try one of these and think “what a rip-off” and just keep on smoking. That’s been my concern over the price, convenience and everything else.

  14. VapeMogul says

    I hope potential vapers do not try these and give up on vaping thinking it is just not that great. Getting an Ego kit is just so much cheaper than those disposables.

  15. tiffjamesnjj says

    some decent disposables are the njoy king,tastes like a ciggy though. the blu brand vanilla is ok…fin was the brand i started with….

  16. Nathaniel says

    I’ve had a few that tasted ok but never anything close to 500 puffs!

  17. Tsunami707 says

    I feel your pain. Can I recomend Blu Classic Tobacco? It cost the same but taste great and would last greater than 1 day of vaping. Hope things get better for you.

  18. Courtney says

    Its a hit or miss with no name brands. Ive tried a few disposables myself and only had luck with the brand “Veritas”, which lasted a long time however tasted horrible.

  19. WindLvr says

    I for one am glad I finally have enough backups as far as juice, mods, batteries, and chargers that I don’t have to buy one of those as a backup. I have not heard much good about any of them. I know people laugh when I tell them I vape or use an electronic cigarette. They only laugh until I blow out a plume of vapor that makes a room foggy! Then they all of sudden seem interested. I guess it’s good they are there for exposure, but I for one will never recommend them to anyone.

    I also love the title of this post!

  20. slap_maxwell says

    I wonder who the marketing geniuses are who came up with that one? I’d like to meet them one day for drinks and physical abuse. 🙂

  21. Erik Gustafson says

    Yeah I agree about the disposable ecigs. My first experience was with a Finiti disposable. After that I bought one of their stare kits, but am just now getting opened up to the wonderful world of juices! It maks the expensive disposables just look silly

  22. josh says

    I did a review on you tube on the njoy king e-big but they are like 799 I am def not paying that much everytime they don’t last long at all good vape really good product not worth 799

  23. Justin says

    Ive tried a few different ones from random smoke shops and they last me about 5-6 hours for anywhere from $7-$14 its just not worth it to me.

  24. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    Nice title… and I don’t think after all the negative things I’ve heard about these types that I would ever recommend them. I always recommend ego styles to my friends.

  25. brianwilson says

    Yea, it sucks because if someone tries those, which lasts about 30 mins, they might hate the concept of electronic cigarettes forever.

  26. brianwilson says

    Why am I not getting points for commenting?

  27. RCO67 says

    I’ve only tried a disposable out of curiosity. They definitely aren’t going to replace my regular gear. I think the “equivalent to 2 packs” is misleading and could result in many one and done sales.

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