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Electronic Cigarette Holiday Gift Guide

Are you shopping for a vaper this holiday season, or hoping to help a smoker in your life make the switch to electronic cigarettes? If you’re a vaper yourself you probably already have some ideas in mind, but if you aren’t, you might be more than a little confused. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered. Electronic Cigarette Gift Ideas for Smokers If the person you’re buying for is a smoker who hasn’t yet tried electronic cigarettes, your job is actually a bit easier. What you’re looking for is a starter kit. E-cig…

E-Juice Tank Cleaning: Rinsing Off The Flavor

Ejuice tank cleaning is an essential task of vapers who specifically use non-disposable high-end tanks. Cleaning is important in maintaining the tank in good condition and it is likewise important in removing a heavy flavor from the e-juice you previously vaped. Best cheap vape juice flavors tends to affect the taste of the next e-juice flavor you plan on vaping. The heavy flavor lingers on the tank. Even if you are the adventurous type of vaper who is okay with mixing e-liquid flavors together, there will be unfortunate…

Online Store Review : Best Place to Order Your Vaping Kits

It doesn’t matter what you’re buying or where you’re buying it from, when it comes to customer service and business transactions, people remember two things: the best of the best and the worst of the worst. The eCig community is no different in this respect and in fact, the personality of a company can go a long way to tipping the scales in either a good or bad direction. Log on to any forum or read reviews and views- you’ll find no shortage of opinions and experiences regarding a multitude of eCig companies. In some…


The E-Cigarette vs. The E-Hookah The difference between e-cigs and e-hookahs is that hookah pens create thicker clouds of vapor, and thus more flavorful clouds of vapor. It is a unique vaping experience than the e-cigarette. Vapors from electronic cigarettes may be hot and dry, but because they use water vapor, e-hookahs should be smoother and cooler in your mouth than the traditional electronic cigarette. Flavor varieties is also an another major difference of e-hookah and e-cigs. Hookah pens come with ready to use with a…

Beginners Guide to Choosing Your First Vape Kit

Don't put it off any longer. You know you want to quit. Real cigarettes are ruining your health and putting a major hurt on your checking account. You've tried to quit before, and it hasn't worked. Now, it can work, because, while you're quitting, you will continue to 'smoke'. That's right. You enjoy smoking. But you know you have to quit. So why not continue doing what you enjoy, while gradually weaning yourself from all the addictive chemicals Big Tobacco puts in real cigarettes. Is this the best way to stop smoking, or…

Smoke 51 Reviews

The Fifty One looks like it would be a great ecig with it's “high end” packaging design but in my opinion the look was very deceptive. On the inside the only thing it really has going for it is the excellent battery life. Other than that the throat hit, is weak and it kind of leaves clammy aftertaste in the mouth.

Blu Cigs Original Starter Kit Review

Presentation/Packaging 4/5 Blu's packaging and presentation hasn't changed a bit, which is a good move on their part. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Classy package that calls out to their certifications and lists what's inside the box as well. They've also maintained the helpful "start here" sheet that's great for new ecig users. Battery/Responsiveness 3/5 The battery in Blu's kit seems to be the same as well. It's overly sensetive, and goes off too easily. Shake it, or even blow across the top of the indicator light and…

Bull Smoke Reviews

Bull Smoke will grab your attention with its eye-catching, "no bull" graphics. It will satisfy too, with its reliable, long lasting battery and wide array of quality flavors.

Bloog Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Electronic Cigarettes by Bloog are quickly become one of the preferred e-cigs being sold, today. Bloog offers an assortment of colored batteries that other electronic cigarette companies do not giving you the choice of what your e-cig will look like!