What Keeps Vapers Using Cig-A-Likes?

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Once tobacco users switch to the alternative, e-cigarettes, they typically begin by first using a cig-a-like. Often they’ll become frustrated with the lack of power and move towards eGo type devices. An eGo “type” can produce reasonable power, but its weakness is in the heart of the device, the battery. What makes vapers want to take it up a notch is the lacking battery life, and will eventually result in them transitioning to modified devices (mods).

It’s true, mods will offer users a hefty increase in power and extended battery life. However, there are still those vapers who continue using cig-a-likes, despite the improvements. Why is this?

e-cigIs it because these cig-a-like users aren’t aware of the intermediate and advanced devices or are they truly satisfied with such a small and mildly performing device? – While doing my nightly gaming sessions filled with battles of gunfire, I came across another vaper, one who openly expressed his interest in vaping. I started the conversation by asking this vaper what device he uses, and he replied “Solo.” – Without asking him why he was using a cig-a-like he told me that the Vuse Solo was “small and comfortable” and that he likes it.

Is it the size and the avoided awkward looks from people that makes them comfortable or is it because this particular type of device has the most similarities to a traditional tobacco cigarette – something they’re used to and familiar with?

Whatever the reason may be, this is why the electronic cigarette industry has blossomed so well. There’s plenty of options and ways to change your e-cigarette device that defines your comfort. This is why anyone looking to remove themselves from traditional cigarette will find it hard not to switch comfortably. You just can’t argue with something that caters to you in every which way, then continues throughout your journey.

I ask myself, what keeps vapers using cig-a-likes? – I believe, it’s because they can.

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