What Does Your E-Cig Say About You?

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20130815-123438Research into electronic cigarettes is growing more and more extensive.  Using the utmost scientific guesstimation skills we have at our disposal, we’ve compiled this list of generalizations about e-cig users that we believe to be 100% probably maybe true about you based on the electronic cigarette you use most often.

The details here within are 100% mostly accurate and we stand behind them (because we don’t really stand with them).  If you think we’re wrong, maybe you’re just using the wrong e-cig.

Moving on.

Disposable-E-CigDisposable models are cigarette-like e-cigs that you toss after roughly a pack or two of comparable use.  Often these are purchases in convenience stores in a small single-unit pack for around $8 to $10.  Users of these models have trouble with commitment and are generally using the devices to cheat on real smokes.  But they aren’t ready for a full transition to e-cigs.  They aren’t as concerned with efficiency or financial frugality as these are the most expensive option for the use and experience.  Watch out… a disposable model user is likely to break your heart.

cartomizersSemi-disposables are cigarette-like e-cigs with interchangeable, disposable cartridges.  These are available in some convenient stores and even some retail outlets.  After purchasing a starter kit (around $20-$50), semi-disposable users can often purchase cartridge packs for a few bucks cutting the price per puff down significantly.  Semi-disposable users like to keep things simple.  They may buy into e-cigs as a replacement for smoking, but they don’t really want the hassle of manually refilling tanks or switching batteries that can come with more complex e-cigs.  Semi-disposable users are more reliable than disposable model users, but they can be a bit on the boring side.

ego ecigEgos are small battery units which often provide more power than cigarette-like units, a power button to offer manual control, and interchangeable, reusable tanks for ease of flavor swapping and refilling.  Egos are generally found in dedicated vape shops or ordered online (standard cost can be anywhere between $10 and $40 to get started).  Egos are rapidly becoming the standard among e-cig users that want the true e-cig experience without an expensive shiny, foot-long device that looks more like a sex toy than an e-cig.  Ego users are easy going.  They like to be flexible, they avoid unnecessary complication, and they are perhaps least likely to advocate aggressively for e-cigs compared to other users.  Ego users may have a variety of flavors at home, but when on the move, they generally keep with them only a single (or maybe two) choice flavors for the day.  Keep an eye out.  If an ego user crosses your path, through salt over your left shoulder to bring prosperity your way.

vape decor-4Mods and modding are broad terms generally associated with anything bigger than an ego.  They are designed more for experience than utility and offer customization options (like voltage and heat controls).  Price can range from as cheap as other e-cigs to hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  The world of mods is so diverse one should avoid generalizing about it.  All modders tend to be of a hobbyist mentality.  They are nerds for electronic cigarettes.  They practically exhibit their own language with words like amperage, resistance, cloud, and propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin ratio.  Modders enjoy the ability to precisely design the experience they want out of vaping and they take great pride in it.  However, their massive devices are only getting larger and eventually it is every modders fate to carry around a tank unit like that of a firefighter’s breathing apparatus.  In a few thousand years, a new species of human will likely evolve from modders that can only survive on synthetic vapor.

The community of e-cig users is vast.  Anyone of these groups might be the one for you, maybe none of them suits you.  But as long as you avoid certain combustible non-electric e-cigs (tobacco-filled e-cig analogues you might call them), you’re going to be much better off.


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  1. Ms Puffinstuff says

    And lots of us are in more than one camp. I know one guy who is a total modder who spends his time perfecting his coil making and blows huge clouds, but carries an Njoy, for certain situations. I’m all mods at home, but am using egos and even cartomizers for out and especially at work.

  2. sarah says

    I actually really love my 1100mAh ego vv twist and my silver ego 650 mAh batteries with my T2 and Kanger Evod clearos with replaceable heads. I also love my mvp v2.0 using the same clearos. I enjoy desert flavors from mtbakervapor.com Banana Nut Bread, Vanilla Butternut and my most favorite flavor… Butter Pecan. I carry a case with my silver ego 650 mAh and normally my mvp v2.0 and leave my ego 1100 vv twist at home, and I normally carry two clearos with a different flavor in each for on the go! What does that male me?

  3. zacb says

    I think I started out from the first type of vaper you listed, to the last type. two and a half years ago (prior to smoking 6 years) I tried my first e cig. it was a disposable blu from a gas station. you’re right, I used it to cheat when I couldn’t smoke. I liked it but I wasn’t ready to make the transition. that, and at the time I had just lost my job so I couldn’t really afford a $150 starter kit and then spend $25 a week on cartomizers. which is what blus costed at the time. I just didn’t see where it would save me any money, which was very precious considering i was unemployed.. and at the time I didn’t know anything other than blu existed. Plus we didn’t have any vape stores here back then (now we have three). so for a few months I kept buying disposables while continuing to smoke my pall mall menthol lights. and when I found a better job i used my first check to purchase a starter kit. it was blu style but another brand and I could refill my cartomizers. I still struggled. it wasnt until about 3 months later I upgraded to a basic e go battery and tried out a few different tanks that I was able to quit cigs all together. lets face it. analog style batteries and cartomizers…. they suck! so I settled with the e go and kanger tanks and used those for another year and a half. a few months ago I got me an itaste after trying it at my local vape shop. I use the itaste mvp 2.0 with kanger protanks and I buils my own coils. so I’ve pretty much been every type of vaper on this list.

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