Vaper Runs NY Marathon, Vapes All The While

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Criminal defense attorney and vapory lounge owner Jim Oliver made quite the statement by vaping throughout his run of the New York Marathon this past  Sunday.  Oliver ran the full 26.2 miles in about 5 hours, all the while vaping and answering questions about the habit.

Oliver is a partner at the law firm Durflinger Oliver & Associates in in Tacoma, Washington.  He also owns and operates the Steampunk Vapory Lounge in the same city.


Oliver is part of a growing community of what you might call clean living or active lifestyle vapers.  He’s a member of the Marathon Maniac Running Club and is considering the launch of a running vapers group, club, or what have you.

People like Jim are putting a unique face on the vaping community.  He’s now run more than 30 marathons, but the New York Marathon was his first vape run.  Response was so positive though that he’s going to make vaping during runs common practice.

Kudos to Jim on a great performance.

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  1. Larry says

    Great job Jim!! Would any of this be a big deal if you had a nicotine patch on your arm? No. Vaping as a nicotine delivery device drives a different conversation (even if you use zero strength liquid). It’s about control, and money. Control from people who wish to regulate the activities of citizens using a device which causes no harm to them or their surroundings. Money from big pharma and big tobacco. Both see this as a threat. Two of the biggest lobbies in the business. They will use their influence to force our government to over extend their governance over these products. The FDA will be their strong arm, that is clear. The only thing holding them off now is the data supporting the safety of this product and the millions of vapors across our country who have created a sizable industry in this country. We did ourselves a disservice marketing this product as a cig-a-like. Both in form and function. We put ourselves in their cross-hairs and threatened the money chain.

  2. Tomi Deveraux says

    AWESOME job!!!

  3. Jim Oliver says

    Thanks for the kind words Larry and Tomi! Larry, you are absolutely right about the political battle we face. We need to start organizing a grass roots effort to protect this new technology. When I was in Washington D.C. lobbying Capitol Hill the one thing that all of the $1000 per hour lobbyists agreed upon was that we are going to need the entire vaping community to come together if we are going to have a snow balls chance of prevailing.
    It sounds like you are pretty passionate about this issue. Drop me a line at my personal email at [email protected] and we can discuss how best to fight big pharma and big tobacco.

    Best regards,
    Jim Oliver

  4. Hannes Huswick says

    Jim Oliver, first off THANK YOU for bringing attention to the vaping community! Awesome job completing the NY Marathon while vaping the entire way!!! Secondly, thank you for using an amazing piece of equipment, that Zombie Provari your using is beautiful! I would know because I am one of the Provape employees (I am one of the 2 Quality Control guys in the shop) that zombie tube looks great with that matching wardrobe! Keep fighting the good fight my friend! And keep using those provari’s… 😉

  5. Jim Oliver says

    Hannes! Funny story, when I went to DC to lobby with SFATA, I was slotted with reps from Provape who were unfortunately unable to attend. I showed off my ProVari and played up all the ties to Washington State, the jobs created, money paid in taxes, etc. I sent an email to your company to try to get information you guys would want conveyed to Patty Murray and Congresswoman DelBene, but I didn’t hear back. I was still able to tell staffers that Sin City Vapes in Las Vegas sells over $300K in ProVaris alone. What are the odds I can come see your shop the next time I’m in your neck of the woods? Thanks again for the kind words, and the great work you guys do!

  6. Darby says

    your so dreamy

  7. Tug says

    Good for you for making this point. Looks like a provari you have there.

  8. Stacey says

    Fantastic…posted it to the Totally Wicked e-liquid Facebook Page

  9. Don Gifford says

    Many thanks for what you have done. The accomplishment and message will be noticed. If not now, over time. I am a former pilpe smoker and in the process of gaining approval to receive a heart transplant. I am pretty hard headed, and my cardiac issues are not related to smoking. However, i had to quit. I sought and got approval for zero nicotine vaping. It will not impact my heart transplant process. My cardiologist is quietly observing. While i have had a string of nicotine/cotnine tests that indicate no nicotine.

    You are an inspiration.

  10. Susan Duff says

    Greetings from Ireland!

    Just logged in to Facebook after a hard day at work and this is the first thing I saw. Such a great story and has put a smile on my face.

    Huge congrats on completing the marathon – an achievement in itself. The fact you’re raising awareness for our lovely community at the same time warms my heart.

    The Irish Vapefest takes place this weekend – am sure this will be a topic of conversation over a few pints!

    Best wishes in the future!


  11. kelli perkins says

    Why on earth was there never a patent on this product. Something this good should have been.

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