V2 Makes Play For Safe Cig Customers

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The Safe Cig company suddenly vanished from view when its website disappeared around January 28th.  No word from the company has indicated why this has happened.  Rumors are bouncing around as to why this might be.

Without missing much of a step, e-cig company V2 has stepped in to snatch up the now lost Safe Cig users with a new promotion.  It’s a rather elegant offer: buy some flavor cartridges and they’ll send you an adapter to use them with your Safe Cig set.  It means the stuff you bought from Safe Cig (if you did so) isn’t mostly useless.

Admittedly, Ecig Advanced is an affiliate of both The Safe Cig and V2.  We try to be unbiased in reporting, but we aren’t above a shameless plug for our own codes when the opportunity affords itself.  So here you go.

Find V2’s SafeCig Adpater Promotion here.
Find 10% off V2 products and 15% off V2 starter kits here.

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  1. robovape says

    it’s a fun job but it’s still a job…

    sidebar: i can appreciate the fine line you have to walk haveing so many affiliates, but how can you be biased against a company that doesn’t seem to exist anymore?

    yes, ECA is so much more than just an outlet for coupon codes and advertisement, but it’s also still an outlet for coupon codes and advertisement… you gotta’ pay them bills like anyone else, got a new, bigger office to pay rent on, i’m guessing you shell out some of the money for VFF products from the company account… also, you have some implied responsibility to your “customers” here that you might have had some influence in their decision to buy SafeCig and lettting them know that there is an option available to them is just good customer service… as far as bias goes, there are things that trend in the forums, but that’s just trends amongst the users, i have yet to see that you’ve ever given any particular company more support or endorsement than another except in the form of honest reviews, which is also part of your implied responsibility…

    and since we’re talking business… how smart was V2 to jump on that?

  2. jimpo42 says

    Seems smart, a little ruthless, but damn smart! I can’t say I wouldn’t do it if it meant picking up the business.

  3. Courtney says

    Im a V2 user and was able to switch from my previous brand with one of their adapters. they have great products all around.

  4. Cordell says


  5. Morrinb says

    It’s at least an option for folks that already invested in Safecig products, so now the aren’t useless. Can’t fault you for wanting to share that information.

  6. Todd says

    Smart move on their part indeed. My 1st big kit was from V2. I learned very quickly the price for the bang wasn’t that great and they honored their return policy without a hiccup and refunded me fast…so at least I feel good that they stand behind the things like that as far as customer satisfaction.

  7. saboinia says

    agred a smart move on their part

  8. imtheboss says

    That was smart for them. And the people with the safe cigs arent completely lost

  9. chuckss says

    That’s a really smart move.

  10. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    Wow. Had no idea Safe Cig was gone. That was the very first ecig I purchased although I never received the product and git a refund. I just got luck and ended up getting an EGO instead. I was not real happy with their customer service, as it took months to get my money refunded and it was incredibly difficult to even reach anyone. Only reason I got a response was because I posted publicly on their FB page. I bet that has something to do with the company being gone now. I say Good Riddence.

  11. Johnathan Brown (Sepsis) says

    Yea, i personally cant see paying the amount of money either company wants for their product, but atleast the option is there for people that do.

  12. Philippe Caron-Boutin says

    great blogging

  13. RCO67 says

    Business is about striking when an opportunity presents itself.

  14. Holly DeLain says

    I personally think that as far as product goes… both of the companies have some good quality product. I was one of the “oh what’s the difference” people until I had a SafeCig kit and then purchased a cheap RN4081 battery. Big difference!!
    I think it’s great that V2 is jumping up in this instance. At least people will realize that there are still options and haven’t wasted their money!

  15. Holden says


  16. Nev NYC says

    that’s pretty cool that the SafeCig users aren’t left out there with nothing. Better another ecig company capatalize on this opportunity than for all the safecig users attemot to find another brand or worse, go back to smoking..

  17. Aggnizzle says

    good stuff

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