The Value of E-Liquid

Blake Brown
by Blake Brown
November 18, 2013


How do you judge the value of e-liquid? – Is it the quality in taste, the brand, price, or country it came from?

It’s wild how a product that is so easily produced has such a high retail mark upl. In fact, most e-cigarette companies rely on e-liquid sales rather than hardware sales.

tongueDid you know the quality in taste heavily relies on the base used? The reason why you might prefer one brand over another is because of that certain taste you get from each e-liquid that is produced. Besides the flavor, the base to the e-liquid mixture is usually used throughout all of that same brands flavors. And, then there are flavors used. Do you base the value of e-liquid by how it tastes? – Should it cost more because you like the flavors produced by that certain brand?

Build-Your-BrandBrand is a major factor when judging the value of e-liquid. Though many of you might go with taste being how you value e-liquid, it’s different in other markets. For example, even though Old Navy (less expensive) has a shirt made just like a Tommy Hilfiger (more expensive) shirt, people still pay that higher price for the Tommy Hilfiger shirt. There are a lot of factors to weigh in when talking about a brand. Some people may prefer a brand simply because they started off using that specific company when they originally made the switch. On the other hand, people prefer a brand because of its track record or how its established itself.

E-liquidCould it be price? – Would you sacrifice taste for a lower cost e-liquid or pay more for a better tasting e-liquid? – We’ve always known that China made e-liquid can be bought at a very cheap price. However, it’s typically a one flavor mix which sets the price apart from say USA made e-liquid.

I recently came across a website from Israel that sells 100ml bottles of e-liquid (Yaeliq) in almost every flavor for only $18. So, what is it exactly that drives us to pay $10 for a 10ml bottle of e-liquid in the US?

This article is simply a question: How do you judge the value of e-liquid? – Let us know in the comments below.


8 Responses to “The Value of E-Liquid”

      Tony on November 18th, 2013 6:22 pm

      I dont think there is such a thing as ” top shelf ” or ” premier” e-liquid. Its either it is a good ejuice or it isnt. Most high end liquids come in fancy packaging and bottles but what is inside that should count. I think US makers are more of a artisan craft type liquid as we try to make flavors that arent a standard type. Most likely if someone is selling 100mls they are getting very cheap flavoring, VG and PG. Not saying cheap as low quality but cheap as in over head. I have not had Yaeliq liquid so I cant say. Its all about the mixes and way certain flavors work with others. Its very much like cooking in a sense.

        Forty2zero on November 19th, 2013 10:46 am

        If I can diy for 10 cents per ml. (& I do) & love my quality & flavor, then NO eliquid is worth more than that :-)

          Nev NYC on November 19th, 2013 1:51 pm

          I started vaping regularly with a Halo G6 kit and their eliqulid. I’ve tried countless other flavors from lots of vendors since then. I seem to always go back to Halo. There seems to be a sense of quality in the taste of the particular flavor i like(Tribeca).. I don’t like the $20 per 30ml price tag but it’s still cheaper than smoking. When i smoked, i bought Newport 100′s.. it onlt seems fitting that now that i vape, i primarily use one flavor. I may switch up flavors from time to time but there is no better taste than Tribeca for me.

            Blake Brown on November 20th, 2013 12:08 pm

            Nev NYC, I feel the same way. Though I do purchase and enjoy e-liquid from quite a few vendors, I find only a select few to have that perfect and quality taste that suits me.

            There is something about Pink Spot Vapors e-liquid for me personally. Throughout all of their flavors, there is this quality of taste that I get and enjoy that keeps me coming back for more.

            See, this is why I love vaping. It’s because it allows so many people to be satisfied in many different ways. This industry was designed for satisfaction, and that’s all I’ve taken from it from the start. I can only hope that every other vaper reaches that level of satisfaction as I have. Vape on!

              Blaackmartin on November 20th, 2013 11:52 pm

              I preferred one specific place to buy e liquid at first I used them and then went to who ever I was near to purchase but was not satisfied with any other products, One had so much water to base ratio that it actually formed a mist in my nostrils,and almost rained every-time i exhaled through my nose! until I branded my own, and now make and sell at the same vg /pg level as my original vendor with my own twist on flavor levels.

                lund konferenslokal on November 25th, 2013 7:01 am

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                  kelli perkins on November 29th, 2013 12:08 pm

                  Some juice i would call top shelf some no amount of steeping could make it better. I would love to diy some of the great juices I now call my regular daily vape.

                    Charles Hallman on December 5th, 2013 2:42 pm

                    For me it’s quality and richness of taste ! I have purchased juice that great and on the other hand some I couldn’t vape it taste so bad !

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