The EVOD Versus The ProTank 2, Which Is Better?

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Though the EVOD and Protank 2 are both bottom coil tanks, they can provide notably different experiences. The EVOD looks simplistic, while the Protank 2 looks markedly more advanced. These are two tanks that are made by the same manufacturer, and both have taken the market by storm; but the question is, which is better?


The EVOD has a simple look, sporting a small window for checking e-liquid, it’s slim but stretches almost the full length of the tank. It also has a small circumference, matching perfectly with a standard eGo. The EVOD is available in a stainless or rubberized black coating, which is quite comfortable if you’re used to Boge cartomizers (stainless and black is the standard for cartomizers.) The top mouth piece is a clear one-piece design.

The performance of the EVOD is above average. The taste is pure and the draw is smooth. You’ll hear a slight crackling from the coil and the suction coming from the 3 perfectly placed air holes that surround the bottom cap.


-The top mouth piece is a one-piece design and that tends to pose a problem if you’re accident prone, since it will require you to purchase a new tank.

-With the rubberized black coated EVOD’s, I’ve noticed the coating will peel from normal use over a short period of time.

-When cleaning the EVOD’, if you use a paper towel the air holes have sharp edges and will snag the tissue. This will likely clog the airways.

Conclusion: Overall, the EVOD is a simple tank and very easy to use. It doesn’t have the advanced look you may see on other tanks, but it’s use of the window and it’s performance surely makes up for it. The construction is solid except for the mouth piece (plastic.) Though the mouth piece is a one piece design, it isn’t as troublesome being that the tank itself is so inexpensive.


The Protank 2 looks outstanding and is pure eye candy for any intermediate to advanced vaper. The body is covered in chrome and the center pyrex glass tank gives you a complete and clear view of your e-liquid level. What makes the Protank 2 so great, is that each part is individual. To start, the mouth piece is merely a common drip tip, so replacing it is as easy as digging through your vape gear. In addition, the drip tip that comes with the Protank is a metal, so if dropped, it won’t break very easily. Both the top cap and bottom cap screw off, separating from the actual glass tank. If you’re worried about breaking the glass, fortunately the glass piece is easily replaceable and available in several different colors. Since the tank is pyrex glass, it can hold acidic e-liquids, which is a huge plus.

The performance of the Protank 2 is very similar to the EVOD, minus the Protank 2’s more airy draw. You receive smooth vapor production and with a bit less crackle. Because of the glass tank, some have said that the taste is cleaner and more pure, but I haven’t noticed that much of a difference.


-Although each part of the Protank is individual, finding those parts for replacement may be quite the task (although the the glass is carried by many companies.)

-Many say that the coils of both the Protank 2 and EVOD are alike, but the Protank 2 sometimes results in a very ‘airy’ draw.

Conclusion: Overall, the Protank 2 looks aesthetically pleasing and offers performance you’ll only get from the most expensive of tanks. The price is fair, and allows for easy replacement with both the drip tip and glass portion of the tank. The Protank 2 is super simple, yet offers an advanced and appealing look.

From the looks of what I’ve written, you would think that the Protank 2 is my first choice, but sadly it isn’t. Though I do love the looks of the Protank 2 and find it more appealing than the EVOD, it simply can’t compete to how I personally feel about the EVOD. The EVOD is cheap, it has a solid design, and the Protank 2 is a bit more costly. Not to mention that the glass gives me pause. Though the Protank 2 does have a ‘mini’ version, I still feel more drawn to the EVOD’s small size and solid design.

Choosing which tank to use is merely a matter of personal taste and satisfaction. Both tanks are great all around, but each has its differences that will appeal individually to every vaper. If it’s about features, the Protank 2 will win all day, but in terms of simplicity, the EVOD takes the cake.

Overall Winner: The EVOD!

The EVOD or Protank 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Pathology says

    ProTank 2, hands down..

    Then again, I’m a fan of the “airy” draw that ProTanks tend to give me (even the new ones). I’ve become accustomed to the airier draws from pretty much exclusive use of RBAs, but if I had to choose between the two….I don’t see the comparison. The ProTank 2 is basically the same function as an evod…but you can do more with it. Why would the evod win the competition? lol…makes no sense.

  2. bloodyfart says

    hmmmm, plastic tip that shows condensation, miniscule amount of liqiud capacity, a coating that may or may not rub off over time….you cant be serious, especially since the aerotank is out also…protank 2 all the way to the bank!!

  3. bloodyfart says

    made a spelling error…. that was supposed to read aro tank by smoktech!!

  4. Blake Brown says

    Pathology, I know it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but the EVOD wins for me personally. I own both the Protank 2 and EVOD, and I can honestly deal with the airiness of the PT2, but for some reason I continue to use my EVOD’s. The Wife and I are both stuck on them. Who knows, my thoughts on them both may change once I get my hands on the Tumbler Tank and Aro Tank. Both look smexy!

  5. R Vincent says

    I prefer my Pro tank 2, it’s sleek and elegant design that’s on top of my Evic quite nicely

    the only downside that I had with this tank is the connection coil (atomizer) a couple of them did not want to make a good connection
    but overall two thumbs up I love this product!

  6. scalewiz says

    I too am gonna have to go with the Protank 2. Though I admittedly never got caught in the Evod trap, I have a lot of friends that use them. They are continually plagued with juice cracking problems, leaking, and failed drip tips. Seeing this, I went from the MT3 to the Protank, and have not regretted it one bit. They look good, they perform great, and the heads are super easy to rebuild, though a rebuild should be just as easy with the Evod. Now that the mini is out and about, I really can’t see a reason to go backwards.

  7. slap_maxwell says

    The eVod is a definite win for those who use eGo style batteries; the ProTank, even with a plinth, looks silly and makes the eGos quite top-heavy. That being said, the only real complaint about the eVod I have is the (for me) inadequate capacity. I couldn’t give a toss about seeing condensation or whether anyone else can see it; if it vapes good, do it! 😉

  8. unclerj says

    I prefer the best of both worlds.

    The ProTank with an Evod head installed.

    The Evod just does not hold enough liquid for my liking and it will not hold up to the tank cracker type juices that I prefer.

    And the ProTank works well for them.

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