The Difference Between Models and Mods

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Electronic cigarettes currently divide into two main categories: models and mods.

Models (short for transitional models) represent the e-cigs that look and act very similar to conventional cigarettes.  They activate when the user draws on the tip with his or her breath.  Often, these devices or parts of them are disposable, semi-disposable, or easily replaceable.  Chances are, if you’ve seen e-cigs in a convenience store, gas station, or mall kiosk, they were models.

Mods (short for Modified or Modifiable) represent a larger variety and range of electronic cigarettes.  They are often a bit more expensive, offer a customizable (generally better) experience, and satisfy a certain hobbyist or enthusiast spirit in their users.  Mods usually activate through the use of a manual button on the device.  Some mods don’t even have a cylindrical shape to them.  Currently, the mod community and mod market exists primarily online through various forums, custom order shops, and blogs.

There are products that blur the lines a bit between mods and models.  Some models are being made with manual buttons while some mods are being slimmed down and simplified for introductory users.  As the technology improves, both ends of the market will have their outliers and inliers.

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  1. Sabrina Mitchell says

    I have never smoked before so I have never used the models. I am a hobby vapor, I use a Holy Grail and an eGo-c which by definition here is a mod. I like the 0mg juices. I find it very relaxing and I like the flavor.

  2. Danielle says

    I was a smoker but not a hardcore one.. I tried the e-cigs that resemble analogs and liked them but once I discovered mods, I never looked back. My mother was a 20 year smoker and just cant get used to mods, no matter how hard she tries. She hasn’t been addicted to smoking in over 30 years, I think she just likes the feel of smoking without the guilt. . since there’s no fear of her going back to analogs if she doesn’t find something she likes, I dont push mods on her. To each their own, I can see why both are appealing 🙂

  3. Karla Lyle says

    Great clarification! I am personally consider myself a mod enthusiast. I though there are even those who are trying to change the name from mod to APV, or Advanced Personal Vaporizer, which I think is a bad idea and will only further confuse people. i think the term Mod is just fine.

  4. Steve Mitchell says

    I have tried both models and mods and I have to say the mods are way better than the models. You can really feel the vapor from the mods and it is always there but for me the models worked at first but I got used to them after a while and started using them more and more and I started have analog again after a while. When I changed to the mods I have not had an analog since.

  5. Mike says

    models suck lol….. Mods make your experience way more enjoyable, the battery will last longer, and your flavor will taste better.

  6. Mike says

    Love this article. Mods make your experience better, models make it suck.

  7. MorrinB says

    Thank you for the clarification, though I’d never really heard the term model before, sometimes the term mod is bandied about in confusing ways. You really cleared things up for me and I thought I had a good grasp on the lingo by now.

  8. saboinia says

    i have always wondered about the deffination between mods and models… tthat deffinattion my ego c is a mod nott a model…ty for the information i do appreaciate it

  9. saboinia says

    life is good i have my ego c mod and my coffee and the battery lastt longer tthan the njoy model i have witch is good

  10. Mandi says

    I am still learning about all of this but there seems to be so many items and variations and ways to vape.

  11. Johnathan Brown says

    I personally find models to be very lacking in satisfaction.

  12. Mike says

    Now that I have several mods I also agree, models suck

  13. Mandi says

    Convinced a friend to get a mod and give up a model.

  14. Johnathan Brown says

    After using both, i can honestly only ever see a model being used in a situation where you don’t want people to really know what you are doing, if even know you are vaping at all. But honestly, there are tons of better stealth devices than a model, so they still get a thumbs down with me, lol. If only we could make our models BETTER, maybe more people would stick with e-cigs. They don’t give a great first impression sometimes.

  15. Adam says

    This article helped define the difference for me. I had been curious. Thanks!

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  17. Tsull says

    I started with models, but quickly transitions to mods… kind of wished I never got the models because I sunk like $200 into batteries, cases, pcc’s, and such thinking I would use the investment to quit smoking… but within a week or two I got an introductory mod.. and then another two weeks got an evic… wish I would have just gone with an ego battery to start in hindisght.. but who knows.. maybe it wouldn’t have stuck.. I guess the learning experience if the fun part… just not for my wallet 😉

  18. Michael Troester says

    Models are simply a money sink for first time purchasers. I suppose they could be beneficial to people who are deeply wed to the whole ‘cigarette’ form factor.

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