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  1. TheCrookedOne says

    Fiver running across the field !!!! Ha ha ..
    And poor Matt …did he have to actually smoke a real shitty?
    Good werk guys:)

  2. mongrel says

    Awesome! Keep them coming!

    It cracked me up when Matt said “Dude that’s weird’.

    Nice Pythonesque touch in the credits as well.

  3. Morrinb says

    Hilarious as usual. Abby, you’re fabulous! Can’t wait for the next one.

  4. Dave says

    Might want to fix your intro… “stikes” is not a word. 😛

  5. michellebastin says

    I love these video’s so much!!!

  6. roni says

    <3s!!!!!! omg, i love this—you guys totally rawks my sawks!!!!! 🙂

  7. Lisa O'Quinn says

    lol!!!! that was hilarious!!!

  8. Toweknee says

    HAHA total Monty Python Abby!! That was great guys!

  9. robovape says

    i think i’d take the slap to the face from a hot chick giving me a provari….

  10. sandi says

    run abby run, save the world from the stinkies

  11. Patthib says

    OMG, I laughed so hard! You guys are awesome!

  12. slap_maxwell says

    This series is great; do they have public-access channels in your neck o’ the woods? 🙂

  13. Ralph says

    first one was better but this one had its moments

  14. GhOsT DoGg 79 says

    lol niiiice

  15. Amanda says

    lmao, i love these

  16. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    Hilarious! As usual 😉

  17. jimpo42 says

    Lol Monty Python reference! I’d like this a hundred times if I could!

  18. Holden says

    I love this.

  19. chuckss says


  20. GhOsT DoGg 79 says

    This should be on Pay Per View!!

  21. Holden says

    :3 it should be.

  22. saboinia says

    luv luv luv This………funny as hell

  23. Johnathan Brown (Sepsis) says

    LOL loving these videos. Keep up the good work.

  24. Moxie says

    Can’t wait ’till someone slaps me upside the head and hands me a provari~I’m waiting! Great vid, funny, can’t wait for the next one! Keep ’em coming!

  25. slap_maxwell says

    Heck yeah! I’ll even let ’em give me a good sucker punch. 🙂 So when’s the next installment?

  26. imtheboss says


  27. brianwilson says

    Lol nice.

  28. Chad says


  29. Zane says


  30. DemonFire says

    That was really cute!

  31. Zane says

    Lolololol. XD

  32. Scott says

    lol these are great

  33. watch the walking dead season 3 episode 1 says

    The problem with Jen shilling Aveeno (and I love Jen) is that no one is buying in a million years that she uses Aveeno. I could see Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Lawrence using Aveeno…but everyone kinda knows that Jen is body/product obsessed. She’s using some La Mer thousand dollar cream. This would be like J Lo or Mariah Carey telling us they use Aveeno. Please. I can’t suspend disbelief. And that “the beautiful Jennifer Aniston” part was cringeworthy.

  34. Aaron says


  35. Hannah says

    lol nice!

  36. ManuDawg says

    Lol. Very funny guys! Abby, I love your expressions. Matthew, a stinky!?! Way to take one for the team man!

  37. Heather Michelle Huls says

    lol that was funny!! he look like drew carry

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