Tennessee Jail Bans Smoking, Sells E-Cigs To Inmates

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758737-prisoner-smokingSmoking is prohibited in a county jail in Tennessee.  The jail now offers an alternative though.  Inmates that need their nicotine fix can purchase a disposable electronic cigarette for $13.50.

According to the sheriff at the Mason County Jail, it is hoped that the added income will help make up for the jail being understaffed and the staff being underpaid.  According to Sheriff Gammons, the new program could pull in around $45 thousand a year.

This is a rather innovative idea.  Not only does this significantly reduce the health risk from secondhand smoke in the facility, but it provides the inmates with the nicotine without which they might be quite irritable and prone to fights.

According to the story (which you can read right here), the electronic cigarettes that will be available to inmates will be of a particular design specially created for use in prison environments.  Whoever decided to pursue this idea, our hats are off to you.  This could be a national industry all by itself in a matter of years.

The e-cig itself will be a non-rechargeable that offers roughly 500 puffs (we’d guess about 1.5 to 2 packs of cigarettes of equivalent use).

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  1. JB says

    coming from a vaper, 500 puffs is NOT accurate. They will go through that in a day. Plus, probably figure out a way to mod it into a heating element to burn whatever they want.

    I mean good for them for trying something new, and cutting out second hand smoke. But it seems like they may be opening a totally new can of worms with this…

  2. scalewiz says

    Goody for them. When the thieves can’t steal enough from the thieves, they will come after YOU and make YOU a thief!

  3. robovape says

    this is a nice idea in a perfect world…

    but overcharging inmates for them is just bad form, it’s degrading to people who the system is trying te rehabilitate to treat them as cash cows… you wanna’ know what else will help out the underpaid staff at the jail? the extra income from selling reals to the cons… oh, and when someone gets murdered with a disposable e-cig… i told you so…

    great intentions, poor execution…

  4. Tim L says

    It sounds like a great idea with poor execution. I read the original article. The price for those are insanely high, and then they are going to only permit use in certain areas also. As well as control when one can vape.

    It is a jail, but it sounds like they are headed for trouble if they do not change their initial plan a bit more.

    Still, it is a great idea to move to vaping instead of smoking. Good idea going, but I think they need to tweak their plans a bit for real success.

  5. kelli perkins says

    well at least its something i guess.

  6. ConnieKaye says

    “particular design specially created for use in prison environments”

    I am hoping this means they won’t be able to physically use them for harm, but I hope they find a way to keep down the threats and violence in order to get their hands on them because they are so expensive. That being said, it is better than nothing and is relatively harmless and gives them a choice.

  7. Tj Baxter says

    I’m wanting to know how to buy ecigs for my sister that is in the rutherford co Tennessee jail

  8. Joyce says

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  10. JD says

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