2013 Darwin Award Candidate

May 5, 2013 by · 21 Comments 

There is nothing wrong with making your own ecig mods, but please do a little research first. Stay away from consumer grade alkaline disposable batteries, like shown in this ‘How to Not Make an Ecig Video’. Also stay away from Radio Shack type lithium rechargeable batteries made for cameras and other consumer electronics, as they are not designed for the high amp demands of the electronic cigarette. A good place to learn about batteries is, Battery University and we’ve also discussed it in a blog as well.

Google is your friend… Please don’t be dumb!

Hotwire Magazine, May 2013

May 3, 2013 by · 9 Comments 

The new issue of Hotwire Magazine is out and filled with great information and some beautiful advertising. Vaping magazines are becoming very popular right now. As much as I love having a paper copy, web available copies are definitely easier to get ahold of and moreĀ convenientĀ for most people.

I highly suggest taking a peek at it!

If you can’t read it all at once, bookmark it for later…










A Quick Introduction To Electronic Cigarettes

April 26, 2012 by · 6 Comments 

Wait long enough, and anything seems to be made electronic. Electronic cigarettes (“e-cigs”) are the leap from paper, filter, and fire to battery, cartridge, and atomizer.

E-cigarettes vaporize a small reservoir of liquid into a mist. This mist is usually a combination of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine and flavor. PG and VG are safe substances commonly used in medical and hygiene products to deliver active ingredients. The act is called “vaping” and users are often called “vapers.” Like most electronic products, e-cigarettes can be self-contained and disposable or compartmental and customizable. The three basic parts are the battery (for power), the cartridge (which contains the liquid), and the atomizer (the piece that vaporizes the liquid). True vaping enthusiasts can engage in “modding” — the use of more versatile (often bigger and more complex) parts to precisely control the strength, weight, intensity, and overall texture of the vapor they get out of their electronic cigarette.

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