Njoy Penetrates Circle K Stores

July 17, 2012 by · 14 Comments 

Njoy has struck a deal with Circle K convenience stores to sell their electronic cigarettes in 3,100 of their stores starting in August.  Njoy is already one of the strongest brands in electronic cigarettes (even if it does share its name with an unrelated luxury adult toy company based out of New York).  This strategy will likely further embed them as a brand of note in the minds of Americans.

Following the purchase of Blu Cigs by Newports and Kents producer Lorillard, many expected to start seeing the blue lit e-cigs in just about every convenience and retail store in the US.  That may still be on the horizon.  In fact, this could be part of a plan by Njoy to get in front of a broader market of e-cig virgins before that happens.

Recent articles, research, and surveys are suggesting that convenience stores are the place for electronic cigarettes to snag new customers.  Despite the age of the internet, people still like to hold something in hand or see it in person before buying it.

This also suggests one major issue with electronic cigarettes may be getting resolved.  Many new users didn’t like that they weren’t as accessible as traditional cigarettes.  Running out of full cartridges or battery power meant getting your fix might mean running to a convenience store to purchase some traditional smokes.  If more deals like this are struck, disposables (like those Njoy produces) can be picked up instead of going back to traditional cigs.

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