Survey Results of 1000 Ecig Users

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A survey was just released about vaping and the affect it has had on ecig users health. This survey was given to 1000 people currently using electronic cigarettes and the results were similar to what most of us would expect. Up to this point there hasn’t been much data like this, so maybe this will push for more studies like it. New studies performed by Universities and Doctors specializing in lung function might influence the decisions for the bans on electronic cigarettes popping up all over the world.

There were 8 questions presented on this survey.

On the graph to the right it shows that the majority of ecig users have quit smoking cigarettes entirely. The risks of dual use, due to the increase in nicotine, has been an argument that the ANTZ have been using all along and shown on this graph, 77% are now using electronic cigarettes exclusively. This also shows the stagering number of people that were able to use the ecig as a cessation device to quit smoking cigarettes.

I encourage everyone to read the results of the survey and watch for a further detailed analysis by scientist and researcher Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos.

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  1. Andrew says

    I quit cold turkey to start vaping and couldn’t be happier. I can feel it in my lungs and the smell of analogs now repulses me. 3 weeks strong and going!

  2. Francisco says

    I been smoking for 52 years, dic 23 2012, stop doing so. Started on electronic cigarette since, and I feel much better, my lungs don’t whistle any more, don’t cough, don’t smell bad, I can do it inside my house with no complaints from wife, daughter and grand children.
    I love the tobacco taste but I´m beginning to love other flavors.
    I´m going to check my cardiologist and heard her opinion about electronic cig.
    blood pressuere and most of all, red blood cel count.

  3. Nerva666 says

    ya i saw that, very cool

  4. Aggnizzle says

    Thats really good. Glad there are studies being done.

  5. Morrinb says

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Michelle says

    Very cool

  7. cobaltjord says

    I tried everything to stop smoking several different times. Over 7 months ago I decided to taper off of analogs using e-cigs over a 2 week period. I never went back. This has changed my life.

  8. Nerva666 says

    grats to all who stopped smoking

  9. stogismkr says

    Great news. I am one of those in the tall column on the graph 🙂

  10. Timothy M Sullivan says

    Still smoke about 2-3 a day, but I have gone days without and it isn’t very hard too. Soon I will make the full transition.

  11. RCO67 says

    Great info.

  12. gdragon says

    What’s the best ecigarette that’s out right now? I’ve used them in the past and quit smoking for about a month, but then the ecig stopped working (battery) and I went back to cigarettes. Wanting to quit smoking again for good, but looking a reliable ecigarette.

  13. slap_maxwell says

    Thanks for posting this for us, Abby. It’s amazing how all of this seems obvious to us vapers, but no one seems willing to believe us. Weird.

  14. Todd aka Runarnd says

    As always, the more studies the better! I’m proud to be someone who quit cold urkey and never looked back after purchasing my 1st disposable. We all have our success stories and most are pretty amazing. For me….a 20 year habit kicked comfortably thanks to ecigs!

  15. Nathaniel says

    We need more studies, period!!

  16. MrsCasey says

    Thanks to Dr. Farsalinos for his research on ecigs and this study. This is something we have all been saying for a long time, it’s nice to see it in a study and I hope that it will help to influence at least some Doctors, Politicians and Countries who have been against ecigs in the past.

  17. kelli perkins says

    People have been vaping for years. Glad to see the results are finally getting in the picture.
    And for the record I will continue to buy from companies that are private owned and never from a big ciggy company. Hogs!!
    Please don’t use self check-outs….they cost jobs and support the little guy he is your brother.

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  19. unclerj says

    Results like this are why I complete every survey that comes in my direction!

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