Stop the Drama

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Recently, there has been a major disturbance in the vape force. Things have gotten out of hand very quickly, and it has snowballed in to a flurry of name calling and hurt feelings. The latest round started when a group of vapers decided to boycott a particular vendor, who in their eyes, supports an organization contrary to their civil rights. Shortly after, a popular vape radio talk show picked up the story, bringing attention to the vendor, who openly shares beliefs that others take issue with on his website. When the replay of the broadcast was posted to multiple vaper groups on facebook, all hell broke loose. Tempers flared, accusations were made, and feelings were hurt. Lastly, this exchange resulted in the banning of certain members of the group.

As a vaping community, we need to ask ourselves, how far should we push our personal differences before we cross a moral/ethical line?

In this community, you will find many different walks of life; age, sexual orientation, race, religion, politics, etc. It is expected and healthy to have conflicting opinions on a whole slew of topics, but we also need to keep our priorities straight. The sole reason we have all come together and continue to have this community, is our one common denominator… Vaping! We are friends, more or less, because we share similar experiences with quitting smoking, and taking up vaping. We all have a passion for it and want to help those around us. We want to spread the word and help improve the lives of others. Will the drama that sometimes lurks under the surface and occasionally rears its ugly head on the forums turn new vapers off? Will people investigating quitting analogs, be put off to the point of looking to lesser alternatives, devoid of the drama? That is without a doubt the last thing any of us would want.

Some in the community are of the opinion that it is bad business practice for a vendor to alienate customers with links to controversial third party organizations, I tend to agree, but as a business it is their right to do so. It is also our right as consumers, to pick the businesses we want to associate with. That is how our system works.

What goes beyond appropriate, however, are the personal attacks against specific members of the community on both sides. Everyone has a right to state their opinion, however, remember that libel against someone can be prosecuted. Never under any circumstances should someone’s personal information (address and phone number) be put out there in an attempt to attack and hurt someone.  There are lines that should never be crossed, no matter how much their opinion goes against yours.

This behavior has done nothing to make our community stronger or more supportive of each other. It tears down what so many have been building up for years. We don’t know when the FDA and the ANTZ crusaders will make their big move to put an end to vaping, but we do need to fight them together. That can’t happen if there is a split in the group. We are all entitled to make our own opinions, but lets just hope for the community’s sake, we act like adults and put away the attacks so that we may stand together when the time comes.


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  1. Pageanmoon says

    I witnessed the whole “drama” and have to agree. What was posted by a certain person certainly had no bearing on the issue that was being discussed and no business in a vaping group–it was just mean. I can understand trying to defend a friend but sometimes in our haste we can go too far. I went so far as to ask the person why they posted what they did and for an answer I was “unfriended” (oh the horror! 😉 ).
    Suffice it to say that’s fine by me but we all need to be careful of what we post on the internet. People have real lives outside of the keyboard and words can and do hurt.
    It’s unrealistic to expect everyone in the vaping community to like each other, but resorting to down right meanness is uncalled for-in my opinion

  2. Tripp Brown says

    What consenting adults do with each other in private shouldn’t be the concern of anyone as a cause of outrage or a source of identity or pride. I don’t care who loves who. What’s important is that you love.

  3. Shell F says

    It is sad when someone pulls out personal information just to try to get the upper hand?

    It doesn’t help our vaping community when someone keeps sinking that low. 🙁

  4. Trill says

    Thank you for this very balanced and classy post, Abby and Matt. Lots of <3s to you both. 🙂

  5. R Jones says

    I had drama built into my family ever since I can remember. Now that I’m older I avoid it like the plague. It’s none of my business how people live their personal lives, I respect their freedom of speech as I expect their respect towards mine.

    I don’t know what the drama was all about, and I’m not interested in it. I quit cigarettes 10 months ago and that’s all I want to discuss in these venues.

    Thanks for posting this clarification, I guess there’s a lot of people who need to grow up.

  6. cozzicon says

    I agree with R. Jones.

    Life is too short for the drama wagon. It’s a waste of resources and talent.

  7. slap_maxwell says

    I heard this broadcast today; I wasn’t aware anything else had unfolded because of the show or the subject matter discussed, but acting like spoiled little children never suits adults. For some reason, though, it seems this kind of behavior has become almost pandemic the past few years. Outrageous!

  8. saboinia says

    thank you this is an extremely well thought outpieceand i am a=in agreenence with yyou on the subject

  9. Amanda says

    Sad, everyone should just be friends

  10. Mike says

    Yeah, lets all just get along. Leave people alone and dont try to hurt each other

  11. robovape says

    it’s a great message, but extremely vague, like talking around the elephant in the room kinda’ thing… i understand it’s difficult to talk about issues like this without seeming like a finger-pointer or backstabber, and probably some legal issues with how to put someone on blast on the internet and not get ruined… the overall point is great though, we need to keep this about vaping and stick together on it because we’re gonna’ look back on these as the good old days someday when we’re knee deep in litigation, regulation, and taxation…

  12. Karla Lyle says

    Wow sounds like I missed something. Sounds lke it was probably something I am glad I missed.

  13. Holly DeLain says

    Seems that I’ve missed it! Good!! I don’t like drama and personally it reminds me of high school. I’m a long way from high school ~ LOL! We’re all adults here and should act like it…

  14. nicxvapor says

    Not knowing what I missed I’ll just be glad that I did miss it. Very well stated Abby.

    We do have to all stand together whether we like one another on a personal level or not. The FDA won’t send vaping a slap on the wrist. If we’re too busy fighting among ourselves we don’t stand a chance at defending this.

  15. Johnathan Brown says

    It seems like i missed it as well – and although from what i gather its probably a topic that i’d be against too – i must agree. We are here to be united through vaping – we don’t need the drama.

  16. MorrinB says

    Thank you for sharing this Abby. We do need to remember that what we have in common is vaping, everything else is irrelevant to our discussions here.

  17. crymsannerose says


  18. JeannieK says

    Lovely as always Abby

  19. Mike says

    I have been seeing more and more personal attacks on others for the stupidest things. We are all in this for the same reason. TO QUIT SMOKING! We found something that helps us, and we talk about THAT here. Kind of like a giant support group with some awesome toys 😉 Leave your drama to the wayside as far as I am concerned.

  20. studio52 (@kickashmods) says

    This kind of show thrives on this kind of attention. I watched the show, and he always gives the people an opportunity to be there on air to explain their position, they are not just attacked behind their backs, I think the Vendor should have made an appearance and defused the situation instead of allowing some caller in person to claim they are brainwashed into their beliefs..

  21. Ben says

    Click Bang is terrible. If it wasn’t for his sensationalist stories, he’d go no viewers at all. He is the Rush (Russ) Limbaugh of the vaping world.

  22. Russ says

    I agree with you Ben. Click, Bang! really is awful. I have no idea why people have continued to listen to it for the past two years.

    Please feel free to vote against Click, Bang! at the link below. I encouraged people to to that last year, but I won three awards anyway. Please do your part to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

  23. John says

    People need to realize that we are on the same team. At the same time, ill players need to work for the team and not against it.

  24. Steve Mitchell says

    I have spent more time turning away drama in life than living it and that sucks. Unfortunately no matter what you do or where you go drama will always be near by because so many people out there thrive on it. I blame soap operas, daytime talk shows and these stupid reality shows like Jersey Shore.

  25. Sabrina Mitchell says

    I am soo sick of drama everywhere you turn.

  26. Amanda says

    Cant everyone just be happy

  27. Amanda says

    Ya know… those who hate on others..karma will come back and bite them in the ass. Or…eventually they will have a child who is gay, then they have a reality check.,

  28. Mike says

    Id rather my kid look at me and say “Im gay and drive a trash truck and Im happy” rather than “Im a stock brocker, married, 2 kids, with a white picket fence and I want to kill myself because Im miserable”

  29. Mike says

    I like what Tripp said

  30. hallucinoJEN says

    I have no idea what this article is referencing? This isn’t the first time someone created drama in the community, and I’m fairly positive, it won’t be the last. :\

  31. Dayvid Priddy says

    So what was the “drama” about? The article is tip toeing around the issue without actually coming out and saying what it was. Spill the beans already!

  32. Pandora says

    Sounds like a terribly interesting soap opera…but i am curious now.

  33. Nathaniel says

    Your so right, its ridiculous!

  34. Dahcwon says

    People of different age, sexual orientation, race, religion, politics will have conflicting opinions, but thats nothing to fight about.

  35. Courtney says

    With all of the problems and major issues in the world, a harmless habit shouldnt make too many waves.

  36. Adam says

    I am new to the forum and haven’t seen anything egregious as of yet. The forum has been welcoming and informative.

  37. Jean says

    I was hoping this article was about the constant stream of depressing hype coming from the vaping media about the FDA, WTO and EU.

    Turns out that a certain media network was stirring the pot again. I enjoyed one of this media network’s shows, but do not anymore. 🙁 Drama, hype and lack of useful content has killed it.

    A real shame.

  38. roni says

    i don’t care for drama—but i can tell you that i would like to be aware of any company that supports any organizations that demean or violate anyone’s civil rights or just basic rights as human beings. i don’t know what this situation was or what company or anything else—but i do think it’s important as consumers that we have information to make informed decisions about what companies get our money and which ones don’t. just my nickel.

  39. saboinia says

    agreed not good

  40. jimpo42 says

    I agree that it’s completely alright to disagree with someone else’s views or opinions. It’s not alright to try to bash people when they aren’t trying shoving their opinions down your throat.

  41. Latonia Kaltved says

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