Smart Chargers, and Charger Safety

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Battery safety has been a hot topic in the vaping community for quite a while now, and rightly so.  There is much talk over what types of batteries we should be using: protected versus IMR, this brand versus that one, etc.  While that is all well and good, one thing we often don’t think about is our chargers.


Most of our advanced kits came with a charger of some sort; some of them decent, some of them not so much.


We as reviewers nit pick to death the mods coming out of China, and most of us are quick to point out their short comings.  One thing we rarely discuss though is the chargers that come bundled with them.  We put a lot of faith in those devices to do what they are supposed to do: namely, safely charge our batteries.


In the following video, we take a look at three of the better “smart chargers” on the market today.  The Ultrafire WP-188, the XTAR SP-2, and the Sysmax Intellicharger i4.


These chargers all have multiple safeties built in such as over charge protection (cutting off at 4.2v), reverse battery protection, regulated current, etc.  But they each do it a little bit differently.


We also discuss charger safety, and things to pay attention to while using these devices.


Hopefully, after watching this video, you will have a better appreciation for charger safety, and based on the types of batteries you use, the information to choose the best “smart charger” for your needs.


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  1. John says

    With all the problems people can have with chargers… this is very good important information.. Nothing would suck more that being left without a charger or battery!

  2. Steve Mitchell says

    good info I never thought about the chargers.

  3. Sabrina Mitchell says

    Wow that’s good info.

  4. Lincoln says

    I can handle the saftey of the battery what my issue is I know nothing about batteries’s till now Ty

  5. kjpennell says

    Thank you

  6. Mike says

    Great article. The batterys in mods really confuses me a little, IMR and all the numbers.

  7. Karla Lyle says

    Thanks for the info. It is amazing we all know so much about mods but never take the time to learn about the batteries we put in them.

  8. MorrinB says

    I am always so paranoid about my batteries, charging them is the only part of vaping that ever bothers me. I won’t charge while I’m sleeping or leave batteries on a charger if I leave the apartment for more than a couple minutes. I have the worst luck in the world and I don’t care how many safeties are built into the charge, if I left one unattended, the whole place would go up in smoke. Since I no longer smoke, my apartment can’t either. I just feel safer that way.

  9. saboinia says

    good idea and thank you for sharing i think that charger safty is a good thing to worry about i live in an older home soos i have to wonder aboutt things like that

  10. John says

    Very good info. Luckily I haven’t had any problems yet, and this will continue to prevent problems!

  11. robovape says

    i hadn’t given much thought to chargers before, i’ve only had minis and ego batteries and use the one that comes with it, and i guess i just blindly trust it…

    i’m with Morin on the paranoid thing, i’ve got one charging now and i can’t stop looking over at it to make sure it isn’t on fire… silly but if it ever keeps the house from burning down…

  12. Boston Deeta says

    Thanks so much for the info. Good to know for future use when i want to get into the more advanced mods.

  13. saboinia says

    good to know for future use

  14. chad says

    Hope the charger for my ecigs doesnt melt like my laptop did!

  15. Adam says

    I had never stopped to think of the importance of the battery charger. Thanks for the heads up!

  16. RCO67 says

    Good info Matt.

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