3 Easy Ways To Be A Respectful Vaper

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Though many concerns about electronic cigarettes still lurk the minds of the general public, being ‘that’ respectful vaper could promote a good image for e-cigarette users.

Here are 3 easy ways to be a respectful vaper:
Many smokers switch to electronic cigarettes for the perks they entail, such as being able to receive the same nicotine delivery and exhaling the cloud-like plumes in stores, restaurants and other business establishments that they were once able to do with traditional cigarettes. But, even though these devices are said to pose minimal risk to bystanders, there still needs to be a level of respect between you and those around you

1. When Vaping Indoors: Just because you have the ability to vape inside doesn’t mean you should fill the room with vapor. For example, when you’re grocery shopping think about the lady just a few feet from you that may get uncomfortable, or the toddler that never asked to be bombarded by a ton of vapor from a Protank! The bottom line: even though these devices are said to pose minimal risk to bystanders, you should still respect others around you.

2. When Vaping Outdoors: Vaping outdoors may not seem like a big deal. Yet, do you remember how when you used to smoke and once you exited a store, you would  light up? – Once you finally switched to electronic cigarettes and walked into a cloud of smoke, you probably thought “I can’t believe I used to do that.” We have many regrets from with traditional cigarettes. Still,  just because you vape, doesn’t mean doing the same thing with vapor makes it alright. Though e-cigs do not produce a terrible smell or pose much of a risk, there has to be a level of respect. Non vapers or smokers shouldn’t have to walk into your huge cloud of vapor.

3. When Vaping In Vehicles: Vaping in vehicles, especially public transportation demands a level of respect. Though vapor does dissipate very quickly, it could still become very uncomfortable to those around you. When choosing to vape around others, respect their space, don’t fill the vehicle with vapor just because you can.

This is all common sense, but for those of you who tend to find yourself in some of these situations, stop and put yourself in a non-vapers shoes for a moment. Be that respectful vaper.


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  1. donovan chaffin says

    My method to be a respectable vaper:

    If smoking isn’t allowed, then I don’t vape either.

  2. unclerj says

    Vape wisely in public.

    Don’t put on a show, ask before you vape in a restaurant or other public buildings where applicable.

  3. Tom says

    I usually vape the same way I smoked. Never around small children (even if their parents do) and if i am stuck somewhere inside for a long time i will go into the bathroom and vape in the stall blowing the vapor downward at the toilet. Just like I did with real cigarettes in High School 🙂

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