Questions from the Community: Tanks

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I, Cody, explain in depth about how tanks work and the ideology behind them. I show you examples of a cheaper starter tank, as well as a JohnBoy Lavatank and a Kir Fannis tank.

With so many different uses for the word “tank” in the vaping community, its easy to become confused on the term if you are just starting out. To get a clear description on how tanks work and what they are, click on the video below and remember to click thumbs up!

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  1. chuckss says

    Thanks for the video review.

  2. Ms Puffinstuff says

    Thank you. Another few inches up the learning curve for me. Every little bit helps.

  3. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    Great info. The world of vaping can be quite confusing. Especially being as new as it is. Words for things are just now being created so it is great to have info like this to help the new vapers out.

  4. Zane says


  5. Todd says

    Thanks for the video Cody – these are exactly the types of videos I love to direct my non “yet” converted friends to!

  6. Ralph says

    personally i like bottom feed tanks

  7. Michelle says

    Thanks Cody

  8. Morrinb says

    Thanks for another great video Cody!

  9. mongrel says

    I think I would have been better off if I’d skipped the Clearos and tried tanks from the beginning.

    But the video I’m seeing isn’t a tank video.

  10. slap_maxwell says

    Good job!

  11. Holden says


  12. Courtney C says

    Great video!

  13. brianwilson says

    cool video

  14. RCO67 says

    Nice community contribution.

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