PRWeb Can’t Handle E-Cigs, And So Won’t

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Here’s an unusual electronic cigarette policy we didn’t see coming.  Editors at PRWeb, the press release distribution company, have decided that all releases mentioning electronic cigarettes — regardless of position, topic, or newsworthiness — are to be blocked from distribution.

This decision relates directly to an ongoing issue with the e-cig industry still containing a substantial number of frauds, scams, shoddy products, and Google rankings cheaters.  Press releases are sent out daily boasting awesome quality products, free trials, and all the other things you expect of companies just looking to get you into the disadvantageous position of having handed over your credit card information.  Press release distributors probably won’t be on the hook for false or misleading information in a release, but I’m sure they don’t want to chance it.

The rather unusual position of seeking a quote from a PR company did lead to what one can only call a domestic goose chase (not entirely unlike a wild one).  Two individuals at PRWeb didn’t even know such a policy existed.  One said there would be no reason for a blanket policy since they considered electronic cigarettes to be a healthier alternative to smoking.  Another wasn’t even sure the editors had the right within the organization to institute such a policy on their own.

Another two individuals in the editorial department there knew about the policy.  There were two major reasons given for it.  First, too many advertising-focused releases (those boasting sales, free trials, product quality, etc.) were being sent out simply to help companies sell their products.  These releases had no news value at all and for any industry shouldn’t be sent to reporters and media outlets as a means of cheap advertising.  Second and more importantly, it sounds like a number of legally hazy or downright fraudulent claims have gone out via press releases and the organization caught some heat for it.  PRWeb isn’t keen to let that happen again.

This is a continuing problem for the electronic cigarette industry.  Looking at the press releases and marketing efforts of companies (now excluding massive efforts by Blu and NJOY), much comes from questionable sources.  This means the first impressions of electronic cigarettes left on many people are over the top offers for free trials (or free trails in some poorly edited spam emails), claims of harmless smoking, and other tactics that look to many like obvious scams.  The reputation of e-cigs is improving despite places like PRWeb that seem to admit e-cigs are promising, but aren’t willing to take the time to distinguish between the good and the bad.

The policy only came into shape in about the last 2 weeks and word is, not a single exception or alteration to the policy is going to happen.  According to PRWeb editorial staff member Brian (who wouldn’t give his last name), it is a blanket policy and it’s going to stay that way.  The electronic cigarette world is well acquainted with its fair share negative policies born of legally fearful individuals or companies.  This isn’t that as much as it’s just outright laziness.  The company can’t be bothered to sort out real, newsworthy press releases from crap and so it won’t.

It’s a good thing they aren’t a service company.  Oh, wait.

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  1. Johnathan Brown says

    Sounds like business as usual. Same old thing, different place. I really get tired of companies doing this.

  2. Mike says


  3. Mike says

    Take the easy way versus doing something real. Pathetic if you ask me.

  4. slap_maxwell says

    Typical big-business attitude in America it seems…don’t do any more than you have to and if it’s too hard, screw it.

    There are plenty of hard-working small businesses in the e-cig sector that will be getting punished because of the laziness of this outfit. Luckily, there are other PR distribution companies who hopefully will see an opportunity in this and pick up the slack.

  5. Sylvie says

    seems like it is more than just laziness, someone higher up is an ecig hater!!
    well on the bright side, none of the scam/etc ecig spam/junk will no longer be going out so there will be less bad ecig publicity results cause of it…

  6. Mike says

    and its always about money

  7. robovape says

    the blanket policy is a bit much, there are a lot of big newsworthy events in the ecig community lately that they should maybe wanna’ cover, but i can understand them not wanting a “press release” used as an “ad campaign”

  8. saboinia says

    the term blanket policy scares me 2 the core

  9. Pearl McLaughlin (moxie) says

    You know, I can’t blame them. A lot of people were burned by the first ecig companies that came out and offered a free kit, in the physician infomercials, then charged their card hundreds every month! Plus with the FDA test results and ejuice coming out of china and problems with contamination…. It gave the industry a bad rep. Things are different now and everyone is trying to change and self regulate the industry and make it safer, but it’s hard to change their minds when there has been so much negative publicity.

  10. unclerj says

    Why not make the extra effort to do the research and just disregard the garbage and keep the accurate and proven research?

    Even better, go after the scam artist such as companies like Regal Cigs?

    To much work and professionalism involved I guess.

  11. John says

    They are gonna do what they’re gonna do.. but it is pretty lame

  12. MorrinB says

    They’ve been burned by false information on various topics, while I don’t like this decision, I can’t fault them for making it. Hopefully they will reconsider in the future.

  13. Steve Mitchell says

    wow pathetic

  14. Todd says

    I have to go with what has already been mentioned…sounds like old old bad info stuck on the brain versus taking the time to look for current updated and educated information. Shame to see things like this.

  15. ManuDawg says

    Well they won’t be putting out any positive press releases regarding e-cigs and that is unfortunate but at least they won’t be putting out any trash press releases that scam people into poor performing, overpriced junk e-cigs. With so many Vapers and E-Cig Forums helping to get good information out to smokers we really don’t need PRWeb, that is evident by how many new Vapers are getting enough up front info to help them skip the first couple steps of Vaping and moving straight to Egos/Twists/Provaris and Novas/Kangers.

  16. Dai says

    I’ve seen many ‘press releases’ coming out of the California and Colorado cannabis industries (aka medical marijuana) that deliver wild claims in association with ‘e-cigs’.

    The cross over between quasi-legal cannabis and its expensive personal vaporizers and the ecig industry based on inexpensive atomizers and non-resinous liquids is murky.

    I suggest that PRWeb’s decision is more connected with legalization of cannabis in Washington and Colorado then it is with nicotine vaporization.

  17. Amanda says


  18. robovape says

    some days the spammers and scammers win, but even when they don’t we still lose… so they won’t get this easy outlet to push their scam, but we won’t get a lot of important info… yeah, it’s available elsewhere, i just wish it was as easy for useful info to get an audience as it is for the garbage…

  19. Mike says

    Well said Robo

  20. Donald Hammond says

    More ignorance. We really need to do something about educating about ecigs. It is just too closely associated with smoking and therefore people treat it like smoking. Just sad that it could do so much good in the lives of smokers but it is getting blocked at every turn.

  21. NicXvapor says

    This is similar to what we’ve been running into ourselves. It’s frustrating when even your host is trying to be helpful but some jerk in an office somewhere puts a stop to it because it’s fairly new in the US and they want to take your money but not allow you to sell your products.

    (More about this in the blog section….from me)

  22. Scott says

    This is ridiculous.

  23. Adam says

    These people should be ashamed of themselves. Their agenda makes me sick.

  24. Chad says

    Mitchell summed it up best…..pathetic

  25. Amanda says


  26. Sabrina Mitchell says


  27. Lincoln pennell says

    Disgustingly stupid

  28. Davanna says

    Thanks for the info. There does seem to be a lot of misinformation out there — as you point out — coming from both ends of the spectrum. But yes, a blanket policy is overkill.

  29. RCO67 says

    Censorship at it’s most blatant.

  30. John says

    You spoke to a couple sources that gave this information, probably people that are not responsible for making decisions in the company. Speaking to the editors that are in charge of thousands of companies, where meeting deadlines that day are a MUST, don’t have time nor the reason to understand why a higher up has chosen to make this rule. You should know the facts before writing something rather than speak to 4 people and call it a day (talk about being lazy). You never know if this is permanent, i doubt the company even knows its permanent so for the time being its no they don’t do it. That way they work on an alternative to hopefully allow it in the months to come.

  31. unclerj says

    It seems like things are starting to turn around.

    There is a lot of interest in E-Cigs, more than ever.

    Sure there are ignorant people against them.

    And of course, like any other type of product there are people out there just trying to make a fast buck off of inferior merchandise.

    But all in all, I am hopeful that in the end, the entire E-Cig industry is here to stay and evolve!

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