Pregnancy and Electronic Cigarettes

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Smoking while pregnant is bad, very bad.  Still, some women continue to smoke while pregnant.  Agencies, organizations, doctors, and individuals work to prevent the most addicted of smoking women from doing so while pregnant.

Electronic cigarettes should be no different.  It’s been said by several scientific authorities that e-cigs cause only 1% of the damage that conventional cigarettes cause.  Any harm done during pregnancy that could otherwise be avoided is unacceptable.

That said, there are individuals out there that will smoke while pregnant no matter the risk.  In a conversation with a pregnancy assistance professional, the individual said that some women “just shut down” when their doctors tell them to stop smoking.  In fact, some doctors are even a bit timid about broaching the subject because they risk patients skipping future appointments if they think they’ll only be berated for smoking.  This can also lead them to not listening to other directions and generally disregarding the doctor’s efforts to make things better for them.

Similar to other areas, this is an area that requires a bit more research before anything solid can be said.  It’s been said that switching to electronic cigarettes and never quitting them could be less harmful than 2 months of smoking conventional cigarettes.  If that’s the case, e-cigs could turn out to be a solid answer for women that can’t seem to get their smoking habit under control while pregnant.

Still, ultimately no amount of nicotine is healthy for a woman during pregnancy or her child.  No-nicotine e-cigs could prove a viable answer, but again, this would require more research before anything could be said with confidence.

Ecig Advanced does not advocate smoking or e-cig use during pregnancy.  This is simply a bit of information for individuals seeking answers as they are available at the time of this article.  If you are pregnant, you should not us any tobacco products.

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