Patented Micronutrient Formulation Licensed to E-Cigarette Industry

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lungshieldThere is some pretty interesting news that has touched down in the electronic cigarette industry here recently. A patented micronutrient formulation licensed The Lung Shield Group has entered into a partnership with Palm Beach Vapors to distribute two new electronic cigarette e-liquid products.

What’s exciting about this news is that the Lung Shield Group is the license holder for Premier MicroNutrient Corporation (PMC). In the early 2000’s, Premier MicroNutrient Corporation was asked by NASA to develop a formula to address problems astronauts were experiencing with their lungs due to being subjected to radiation. These new Lung Shield e-liquid products are derived from these formulations.

The micronutrient formulation from PMC has been studied, tested and patented. There first product they’re introducing is “LungShield Premium E-Liquid”, which is a micronutrient enhanced e-liquid. The new e-liquid will launch on the LungShield commerce website this month. The product is said to contain a micronutrient complex that have been shown in studies to have a protective effect on the lungs.

LungShield Premium E-Liquid will be available in multiple flavors.

The second product is called LungShield Base. The LungShield Base e-liquid line is primarily targeted at wholesalers, e-liquid mixologists and big retailers within the electronic cigarette industry.

The LungShield Base presents a micronutrient-enhanced alternative to the existing bases currently on the market. – LungShield Group Executive

lungshield-multibottleIn a comment, Chip Paul, CEO of Palm Beach Vapors, said “While we believe current bases on the market are a better alternative than smoking, there is still considerable room for improvement. We think the industry is ready for a base that may have additional benefits over and above the obvious. PMC has done the science, research, and testing and have created a truly marvelous product…now it will be available to our industry.”

While this micronutrient e-liquid may come as some very interesting news, and may even excite many of you, there has already been a company a few years back that tried to introduce a new type of e-liquid to the e-cigarette market, which was Vitamin E-Liquid. The Vitamin E-Liquid was interesting back then too, but many vapers enjoy what they are using and have been so upset with the tobacco industry continuing to add more ingredients in their tobacco cigarettes that they’ve began to adore and truth the few ingredients found in e-liquid, which is Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavoring and Nicotine.

For this new formulated e-liquid to become a hit in today’s e-cigarette market, it would take a lot of convincing and climbing the ladder as many other e-liquid retailers have done.

However, a LungShield Group Senior Executive said “We hope others are inspired to bring scientifically validated products to this market. As a whole, I think this industry has the opportunity to do far more GOOD than harm. I really hope we do it.”

Palm Beach Vapors will be exclusively distributing the LungShield Base.

We believe so strongly in this base that we will be converting it into our franchise system. This base has the same properties as the existing base, is about the same price, except it’s fortified with the patented micronutrient complex. Understanding what we do, it would seem irresponsible NOT to convert to it. – Chip Paul

The LungShield Base will be available at

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  1. Barry says

    Very interesting stuff. “protective effect on the lungs” what exactly do the micronutrient’s protect the lungs against?

  2. Richard E. Pollan says

    I have to admit, sometimes I have a little trouble breathing after vaping for a while, and if this new product will stop that I am all for it. I have been vaping for 5 months and haven’t smoked a cigarette since, and that is a miracle for me. But I am concerned about my trouble breathing due to the PG (so I have read), and would definitely use a base that is better for me……….after all,we quit smoking and started vaping for a healthier lifestyle, not for a lesser of two evils.

  3. heimchenDTF says

    Nice gag. Without knowing against what our lungs have to be protected from. I doubt we are subjected to any radiation by vaping. Why the CEO doesn’t explain what kind of improvement can be reached by vaping this microstuff?
    Thanks for this incredible BS, don’t be surprised if the heavy regulation of our beloved liquids will come soon, just because of such stupid market players. Thanks a lot.

  4. hallucinoJEN says

    I’d like to see studies on its’ effects on the lungs. If they can prove that it truly protects the lungs (from what, I do not know), then it will be worth looking into. Without any reputable studies, it sounds like a marketing ploy.

  5. sam wilson says

    i have never smoked in my life, but i see the vaping is a new way to take medicin ,without the the side effect of pills on stomuch and kidney
    now i am expermenting how to use e-cig to take
    food grade hydrogen peroxide (VG and
    HYDRO only ) iam intersted about what he said for VITA-E. this technology will face problem with the big mafia in us ( big pharama )

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