NPR “talks” about electronic cigarettes.

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In a recent piece on NPR, they touch here and there on topics in all of our minds. The main topic of the article is regulation by the FDA. Since there isn’t a lot of information released from the FDA about what they are doing or planning to do with electronic cigarettes, most of what they say is speculation. Granted, they probably aren’t far off the mark.

The NPR staff states that with the booming business of electronic cigarettes, almost all the major tobacco players have hopped into the game with an e-cig product to try recoop some of the loss associated with many ex-smokers success with vaping. The FDA has a few options to choose from: They could lump electronic cigarettes into the same category with traditional cigarettes which would demolish the industry.(No online sales, No advertisements, Vapers would be classified as smokers, etc.) Or they could classify e-cigs as a modified risk tobacco product.(Which nothing has been passed through as this due to the absurd guidelines) In the best case scenario, the FDA realizes how great e-cigs are for smokers and support the use by modifying law to allow the purchase over the internet as well as setting an industry standard for e-cig companies to follow, much like AEMSA has already starting trying to encourage.

Right now, most of what is said is speculation due to the the lack of information about what is going on. The FDA missed their “deadline” last month to release information about what direction to take with e-cigs. You can view this as a bad thing, but call me naive, I hope they are really getting their facts together and not relying on the ANTZ lies regarding electronic cigarettes.

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  1. cobaltjord says

    I’m going to go practice now and see if I can learn to blow out billowy vapor as pictured.

  2. mongrel says

    I heard the radio piece yesterday when I was driving. It was not bad, but made it seem as if Big tobacco was the major force in the e-cig industry and failed to point out how they’re really late to the game.

  3. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    I hope the FDA missing the deadline means they have given up the fight….but I doubt it.

  4. Michelle says

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. RCO67 says

    Can only hope that with all the recent press about corruption at FDA that the delay is about getting this right. That would be a welcome change of pace.

  6. Todd aka Runarnd says

    I never cared much for the FDA to begin with – but now I feel like we are in a cold war or something with them. All of this continues to make me very uneasy.

  7. Timothy M Sullivan says

    oops wrong comment

  8. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    I take it as the FDA are shutting up because they realize they were wrong and don’t want to press the issue

  9. Nathaniel says

    Well I hope this ends well for the community!

  10. Nerva666 says

    man, im not sure if this new cancer treatment works, even though its been show to work, lets ban it so we can go back to the friggen closed minds of the dark ages

  11. Morrinb says

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Aggnizzle says

    Just great. Im done with this, vaping obviously helps save lives.

  13. slap_maxwell says

    You left out an important Thing The FDA Could Do. Do nothing. They could just leave us the hell alone. Not likely, of course, because overreaching governments (and the greedy egg-sucking politicians who fuel overreaching government) love to have their hands in every damn thing.

  14. MrsCasey says

    The FDA being quiet could not possibly be a good thing, that is my opinion. It’s like when the kids are down the hall playing and it’s too quiet, they’re always up to something.

  15. ManuDawg says

    I’m sure the FDA is not going to just let ecigs be as the are now. I look for regulation that will only allow big tobacco to remain in the game.

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