London Study Finds E-Cigs May Help Quitters

Klaus Kneale
by Klaus Kneale
April 27, 2012

Some preliminary testing on the effects of e-cigs is finding marked benefits over placebos for people replacing tobacco cigarettes with them.  As reported on last week, Dr Lynne Dawkins of the University of East London gave e-cigs to 85 regular smokers and tested their mental and emotional state as the effects of the e-cigs took shape.

Some of the e-cigs had nicotine in them and some had a non-nicotine solution which acted as the placebo for the trial.  Some of the Guinea pigs didn’t use the e-cigs at all and only held them in hand.  The results?  Men with nicotine e-cigs saw an improvement in mood and reduction in cravings beyond what men with the placebo e-cigs felt.  Women saw no difference between the nicotine and the placebo e-cigs when it came to cravings and mood.

For both sexes, however, their working memory was better using the nicotine rich e-cigs.  Working memory is present task and goal-oriented memory and informational organization (similar to a computer’s RAM).  An inability to concentrate brought on by attempting to quit traditional smoking is often a factor in whether people return to the habit.  This could be a sign that e-cigs can be use to fight that particular drawback for quitters.

Stay tuned for more as more research on e-cigs is done.


2 Responses to “London Study Finds E-Cigs May Help Quitters”

      sandi on July 15th, 2012 1:07 am

      It really surprises me how much money gets spent on expensive studies to prove what we already know.

        Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) on March 9th, 2013 11:21 am

        No!! It does? Really?!!? LMAO. Can not believe there was actually a study for this. Just ask a few vapers and use that money for a real study. Like to study the effects of vaping to shut the FDA’s mouth about ecigs.

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