Keeping Your E-Liquid In Rotation

Blake Brown
by Blake Brown
June 11, 2013

As you start your journey as an electronic cigarette user, many of you will become frustrated trying to find the perfect e-liquid. Most of us have been in this position before, rotationand then once we do find that miracle vape, we’re stuck in this trance of ol’ holy vape goodness. But sadly, that vape goodness doesn’t last too long until you’re on the hunt once again.

Once you’ve vaped a flavor for so long, you often think it’s losing its flavor or that it isn’t what it used to be. In reality nothing has changed about the e-liquid,your taste buds have probably just gotten used to it. Using a specific flavor for long periods of time has been known to leave you burnt out.

That being said, many e-cigarette users avoid this by keeping their e-liquid in rotation. This confuses your taste buds and never gives them a dull moment.

eliquid-300x180I had a chance to pry Brad Ulery (ECA Writer) from work to ask him what he suggests to keep taste buds interested – “Variety is the key, don’t use multiple flavors in the same atomizer, or you’ll wind up with a gross frankenstein flavor.”

This article doesn’t mean I’m suggesting you go buy everything in the e-liquid market, but you should keep rotating to have the best experience. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, so switching between flavors shouldn’t be a daunting task. Use guidance from e-liquid reviews, fill multiple tanks and put the excitement back in your daily vapes.

Keeping things new and in rotation keeps you motivated and anticipating that next flavor. For more ideas on flavors to keep your e-liquid in rotation, click here to see our e-liquid review section.


7 Responses to “Keeping Your E-Liquid In Rotation”

      sylvie on June 11th, 2013 7:54 pm

      …Variety is the key,”” don’t use multiple flavors in the same atomizer, or you’ll wind up with a gross frankenstein flavor.”” i shall kindly disagree with this advice, some of the best mixes i have had/found were from being too lazy to switch or clean my atomizers and very rarely did i end up with a frankenstein flavor because of it :)..
      Rotating flavors really has helped keep vapor tongue at bay!!

        Donna H on February 7th, 2014 11:47 am

        I totally agree ! You gotta rotate flavors i have gotten vapors tongue and it sucks and i do use different tanks cause i have gotten that frankenstein tank lol ,unless you mix flavors that you know will complaint each other like for me carmel and apple with a touch of sweet cream is just yummy then when that starts to have no taste ill switch the apple to kiwi ,idk i play with that one but i also keep about 4 tanks going with different flavs and rotate daily and i dont get that blah tongue no more so yeah rotation works and im happy too say ive been cig free for 11 months almost a year .i dont miss smoking at all i feel so much better to and i have dropped my nicotine level during my first start of vapping !went from 24 mgs to 16mgs today and gettin ready to go to 12mgs 🙂 so im happy i found vapping peace to all 😀

          football on July 15th, 2014 12:26 am

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          Gene Wojciechowski’s ode to college football is a great read.
          I guess a handful of suspensions was enough to satisfy the

            Ryan on August 13th, 2014 9:47 pm

            Uhhhmmmm…. i may have missed something here… but what does football have to do with eliquid flavourings??

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