Interesting: Rats Prove No Long-Term Harmful Effect From Nicotine When Inhaled

Blake Brown
by Blake Brown
August 4, 2014

As oddly as this title sounds, it’s rather interesting in the least. Rats have proven that there is no long-term harmful effects from nicotine when inhaled.

nicotineA group of researchers reported the long-term effects on rats from inhalation of nicotine. The rats were place in a chamber that gave them nicotine for twenty hours a day, five days a week, over a two-year period. The chamber that was filled of nicotine had twice the plasma concentration found in heavy smokers.

According to the study, the researchers could not find any increase in mortality, in atherosclerosis or frequency of tumors in the rats. In addition, there were no microscopic or macroscopic lung tumors, nor any increase in pulmonary neuroendocrine cells. The report, however, included that the body weight of the rats that were exposed to the nicotine was reduced.

The conclusion from the study was that the researchers did not indicate any harmful effect of nicotine “when given in its pure form by inhalation.”

This is indeed some interesting news for us vapers specifically. The whole reasoning of an electronic cigarette is to reduce harm by using the alternative. For the longest time the public has been under the assumption that the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes is the killer chemical, and many still believe e-cigarettes aren’t a gain in harm reduction because e-cigarette still provide that nicotine. This assumption comes from the lack of knowledge and the public being misinformed of the truth. The truth is that all of the other chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, a whopping 4,000, is the combined killer. Nicotine, however, has been painted red as the culprit. In actuality, nicotine has many benefits, such as reducing anxiety, improving weight loss, improving alertness and attentions skills, and not to forget its huge benefit with people that have alzheimer disease.

Through this study, it has given the e-cigarette industry more useful information that can continue to stack up at just how beneficial these devices are to smokers and former smokers, and indicating that the part we enjoy most, our nicotine, isn’t harmful to inhale during a long-term duration.


3 Responses to “Interesting: Rats Prove No Long-Term Harmful Effect From Nicotine When Inhaled”

      Tjnova on August 4th, 2014 9:56 pm

      Seriously? What is up with the image you chose for this article? It has an extra carbon in one ring, and you are missing a ch3 from the nitrogen in position 1. If you want people to take seriously, pay attention to the easy stuff.

        NCMom on August 5th, 2014 11:20 am

        Any sources you want to cite here? I tried to look it up and the only study I can find that is remotely like this comes from a Reddit thread and the study is from 20 years ago. I’m a big fan of ecigs, but lack luster research doesn’t help the cause.

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