How to Rebuild a Silica RBA

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This week, Cody took a look at how to rebuild a silica wick using an IGO-L as an example. These ‘dripping’ rebuildable atomizers make for a fantastic vape with the flavor definition you may know from higher end standard, low resistance or bridgeless atomizers.

What did you think of Cody’s guide? Have you done this process yourself before, if so, what were the results? Let us know the in the comments beelllooww!

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  1. Todd says

    Thanks for the post. I remember being intimidated the 1st time and now it’s an addiction to rebuild!

  2. slap_maxwell says

    Nice tutorial. Dripping RBAs are the way to go for sure, especially with NETs!

  3. Chad says

    I haven’t used the dripping atomizers for NETs, but I will be now for sure.

  4. Aaron says

    Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy watching these videos although I just use clearos for now.

  5. Morrinb says

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nev NYC says

    You make it look so easy.. I might consider taking the plunge into rebuildables.. Thx for the video!!

  7. Tyler says

    awesome tutorial!

  8. RCO67 says

    Good tutorial. I’ve been doing this myself for sometime now.

  9. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    So glad you posted this. I have an Igo L and had been having some issues with building the coil. I wasn;t folding the wick over 3 times like you so it wasn’t working well. I will try it like this next. Seems like it definitely will work better your way.

  10. saboinia says

    great post cody

  11. mrcrunch08 says

    great tutorial. I never tried such a low ohm with a silica wick. I think I might have to go try that tonight. Thanks

  12. Ralph says


  13. GhOsT DoGg 79 says

    great vid

  14. Courtney C says

    Nice! Ive always wanted to attempt a rebuildable.

  15. Johnathan Brown (Sepsis) says

    I like the fact you did this with a Igo-L instead of some high end device. Listen people, you can get a GREAT vape from a cheaper gennie. In fact, you can get a DAMN good vape from it, especially if you learn how to mod the air hole and wick hole. I have 2 did clones, a aga-t, a agat plus, a hydra, a oddity, a nautilus, a line clone, a wyvern/rainbow, a vision eternity and a phoenix and all of them (except the line clone and the eternity is a little too cool for my taste due to the distance from coil to mouth) perform amazing. They perform almost as well as my Hybrid devices. Dont let the price fool you, if you re thinking about rebuildable, try one of these first, Seriously. Good review

  16. NonFat says

    very good info.


  17. Ralph says

    i dont even think i got any silica, i just do the ss

  18. ManuDawg says

    Nice tutorial. Thanks!

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