How To Make A Builders Box

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Since rebuildable atomizers are becoming such a popular form of vaping, many are drenching themselves in all the necessary accessories used to rebuild these atomizers. Because of this, desks all around the world are looking like an e-cig hoarding ground.

This all leads us to Ecig Advanced… because we’re going to be the one’s to help you tidy up that rebuilders wreck of a desk you have and organize your accessories like a pro!

Tools Needed

  • Razor Blade
  • Tape Measure
  • Super Glue
  • Pen

builders box tools

Purchased Items

  • Aluminum Case: Harbor Freight – $15.99
  • 4″ Magnetic Parts Holder: Harbor Freight – $2.99
  • Poly Foam: Hobby Lobby – $4.99

The Builders Box will cost a total of $23.97 (not including tax)

builders box purchased items

Step 1: Cut Foam To Size

In this first step, you’ll want to begin by measuring the aluminum case. You’ll then need to take your Poly Foam and cut the overall dimensions of your box for a snug fit. When doing this, be sure to add 1/8 to your cut so that the foam will not move within the box. When the box is completely finished, you can go back and glue the foam down if you wish. As a note, I’m using my wife’s hands in this how-to since they look prettier than mine. (Thanks for the help Ashley!)

measuring builders box


cutting builders box foam

Step 2: Adding The Parts Holder

Place the 4″ Magnetic Parts Holder in the specific position you would like it to sit. Using a pen, mark around the holder so that you can later cut the circle out. After doing so, cut an 1/8 or more inside the circle, tracing the drawn circle so that your holder will have a snug fit. You can cut straight down and completely cut out the circle. Your parts holder will fall through once you’re done, so what I did was with the circle piece I cut out, I then cut that in half and placed it back in the bottom of the hole. Once you place your parts holder down, it will then rest on the foam.

marking the parts holder


parts holder in foam

Step 3: Adding Your Accessories

Next, you’ll want to gather the rest of your rebuildable accessories and place them onto the foam. Once you have them in the places you see fit, you can either mark around them so you can cut the foam exactly to your accessories or you can wing it like I did and cut under the pieces while my accessory is still sitting on the foam. I did it this way so that I wouldn’t have any pen marks on my foam and so that my accessories would have a snug fit. It is vital that anytime you’re making a cut that you cut the foam smaller than what your accessory is. Also, do not cut too deep or your accessory will sit too low. Take your time and you’ll do just fine.

accessories layout


accessories in foam

Step 4: Gluing

After everything is cutout, test fitted and ready to go, you can then glue your foam to the bottom of your case. Then, you can glue your parts holder to the foam.

gluing parts holder

Step 5: Add The Top Foam

Now, cut the exact same size as your bottom foam and place it into the lid of your aluminum case. Go ahead and super glue the foam to the top so that it’s stationary. By doing this, once you close your case, the top foam will push against your accessories so that nothing falls out when mobile. This also helps in the case that you didn’t cut your accessories holes snug.

add top foam


Step 6: Enjoy Your New Builders Box

It took a little thinking and time cutting the foam, but now you have a builders box made specifically for your rebuildable accessories. I hope you all have as much fun with this small project as I have. Enjoy!

builders box

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