Firebrand Contest

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Firebrand Cigs and Ecig Advanced are partnering to host a contest called 12 days of Christmas. Starting 12/17/2012, a new challenge will be posted daily through 12/28/2012. Stay tuned here for each daily contest:
All winners will be picked using Here are the prizes for each of the 12 daily winners:

Day 1: Free 10ML bottle of USA Made Liquitine (Choice of Flavor/Strength)

Day 2: 2 Free 10ML bottles of USA Made Liquitine (Choice of Flavor/Strength)

Day 3: 3 Free 10ML bottles of USA Made Liquitine (Choice of Flavor/Strength)

Day 4: Free pack of Cyclone Cartomizers (Choice of Flavor & Strength)

Day 5: Free pack of blank Cyclone Cartomizers

Day 6: 2 Free packs of blank Cyclone Cartomizers & Free 10ML bottle of USA Made Liquitine (Choice of Flavor/Strength)

Day 7: 3 Free packs of blank Cyclone Cartomizers & 2 Free 10ML bottles of USA Made Liquitine (Choice of Flavor/Strength)

Day 8: Free Cyclone Low Resistance Atomizer

Day 9: 2 Free Cyclone Low Resistance Atomizers

Day 10: Diablo Falcon Battery & Charger

Day 11: Diablo Falcon Atomizer Elite Kit

Day 12: Diablo Falcon Cartomizer Elite Kit

Make sure to enter everyday to increase your chance of winning!
***All contests will run from 4pm-4pm est.***

Please go like them on their Facebook page!

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  1. MorrinB says

    Yay contests! Thank you ECA.

  2. Donald Hammond says

    Exciting!! I will be looking forward to it! Thank you Firebrand and ECA!!

  3. Johnathan Brown says

    Thanks to you and Firebrand. Love me some contests (even though i almost never win,its still fun to try)

  4. Dahcwon says

    I enter for today already. Thank you ECA.

  5. John says

    That’s a pretty awesome set of contests!!! They get better and better each day!

  6. Sabrina Mitchell says

    very cool

  7. slap_maxwell says

    I’ve passed the word! Hopefully some new visitors will make this place their home!

  8. saboinia says

    very kewl but i never win the contest but i shall enter

  9. Mike says

    YAY!!!! CONTESTS!!!!

  10. Mike says

    I cant wait to see the rest of them

  11. Amanda says


  12. robovape says

    their gear looks really nice, i almost chose them when i got my starter kit… this is a huge contest, i’ll be sure to look into entering…

  13. Mike says

    ECA rocks with all these wonderful contests!!!

  14. Pearl says

    Awesome! I’m sharing with my facebook friends!

  15. Amanda says

    Lots of awesome prizes listed

  16. saboinia says


  17. Mike says

    I hope I win one!! lol

  18. Mike says

    Days 10 – 12 are really nice

  19. Donald Hammond says

    Great contest! Thanks.

  20. Amanda says

    : )

  21. unclerj says

    Thank you ECA and Firebrand!

    I already on a couple of bottles and cant wait to get them!

    But those chargers and batteries look nice too.

  22. Steve Mitchell says


  23. che170 says

    Oh joy! Since I am new to the big boys, this would be, (as Tony the tiger says) GREEEAT! 🙂

    Thank you, Love contests!

  24. Mike says

    slowly coming to an end

  25. Rob says

    Awesome contest,i won one day 🙂

  26. unclerj says

    Thank you Firebrand and ECA!

  27. Mike says

    Todays prize looks way cool

  28. Mike says

    google those batteries online

  29. Adam says

    I love these kinds of contests. Thanks for letting me know.

  30. Mike says

    Twas an awesome 12 days!!

  31. Amanda says

    That was a GREAT contest

  32. Chad says

    Can’t believe I missed this.

  33. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    Great contest!

  34. Kristina Pennell says

    dang I missed it

  35. Delmer Docherty says

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