False Claims Still Major Part Of The E-Cig Market

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For individuals that have been in the electronic cigarette community for more than 6 months, it’s easy to forget that the market is still flush with false claims and scams.  A number of trade organizations and self-regulatory groups have launched in the last year and the FDA claims it will be cracking down on inappropriate e-cig claims.  Realistically, it may be another year or two before serious progress is made toward fighting the shady side of e-cigs.

The most harmful claims are that electronic cigarettes are completely harmless (see image).  Research is showing that e-cigs are far less harmful than conventional cigarettes.  Scientists claim that by removing smoke from the use of tobacco, 98% of the health problems associated with cigarettes are also removed.  It’s even been said that, for the average smoker, converting to electronic cigarettes and never quitting may be less harmful than another 2 months of smoking.

So electronic cigarettes may well be as close to harmless as anything, but in the interest of transparency, it can’t be said that they are completely harmless.

The damage these claims do is two fold.  Less harmful is the impact on individuals that believe the claim.  Granted, that misinforms them and may trick them into ordering electronic cigarettes believing them to be totally harmless.  But that’s hardly as bad as the claims and perceptions that may have gotten them hooked in the first place–and it’s still moving them to a less harmful product than conventional cigarettes.

Far more harmful is the impact on individuals that are more skeptical.  A claim that electronic cigarettes are “harmless” to many skeptics looks immediately like a scam and harms the image of all electronic cigarettes.  If this turns away individuals that could otherwise successfully make the transition to e-cigs, then the industry loses an advocate and the individual continues his or her smoking-related decline in health.

The longer the industry looks shady, the longer it will take to create the wide-spread product transitions that we believe electronic cigarettes can make happen.  It’s also going to be harder to fight legislation against electronic cigarettes if the most visible ones look questionable.  These claims don’t exist on websites hosted entirely outside the United States either.  The image above comes from a site registered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Regulation won’t keep claims like these from happening for some time.  The biggest tool the electronic cigarette market has against scams and false claims is its community.  The better informed its members are and the better informed they make their family and friends, the better.

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  1. Mandi says

    Great article

  2. MorrinB says

    I try to make it a point to never say ecigs are harmless, I tell people the liquid has only 4 ingredients and zero combustion. They are a healthier alternative, even my doctor agrees, but nothing a person inhales can really be completely healthy for them.

  3. saboinia says

    my favorie is the so called free sample;;;;;;the one where you are given one sample for free and tthey collect your cc info and charge you for refills auto martically and you are on auto ship and they negllect to tell you tthat you will be plac3ed on auoship……………………………my favorie ouutlandisish scheme

  4. Mike says

    Excellant, as I have said, its all about the money. Its sad that so many false claims scare people away from vaping and saving their own lives.

  5. Karla Lyle says

    E cigs may not be completely harmless but no more so than nicotine gum or any of the other nic replacements out there so I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. I know one thing, it is a lot less harmful than smoking cigarettes and that is all that really matters to me.

  6. robovape says

    it would also be great if vendors would stop making ridiculously false claims about the performance of their product… eg one mini battery will last all day and a carto=2 packs of smokes… i spent a lot of money on inadequate equipment and got frustrated so many times, that i almost didn’t stick with it… i wouldn’t have minded so much if i had known what i was in for from the start…

  7. Johnathan Brown says

    I completely agree with this. There is a shady business side that exists. I know it when i see it now – but when you first start or are interested in starting – you don’t always know.

  8. John says

    The community is always the strongest asset when it comes to sales. It’s just a matter of using it properly!! Research and referral is key.

  9. Sabrina Mitchell says

    great story

  10. John Hamilton says

    You know, stepping outside every morning and taking a deep breath of “fresh air” ain’t so great either…but so what. As individuals and as a society we attempt to make trade-offs between progress and harm. Our air would be so wonderful if it wasn’t filled with fossil fuel fumes, coal, etc., but where would we be as a society without cars, manufacturing plants, etc.?

    Life itself, even in the wild, is fraught with dangers. The best we can do is minimize harm to ourselves in the choices we make. Personal vaporizers (I hate even calling them “e-cigarettes” because the term alone conjures up bad images amongst many Nannies and their followers) are part of that tradition and should be embraced as such…not vilified by those with a vested interest in the status quo and the politicians who have their pockets lined by those interests.

    But hey…that’s just me. 🙂

  11. Adam says

    Hopefully manufacturers of e-cigs start taking a more ethical approach to their marketing/advertising strategies. I support the industry wholeheartedly but I believe their claims need to be 100% legitimate.

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