E-Meth Becomes A Real Thing… Maybe.

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e-meth-foxOut of the pages of a Saturday Night Live script, e-meth was born.  Now, cops in Georgia claim that they pulled over two suspects and found they were smoking meth using an electronic cigarette.  But there’s something fishy about the whole tale.

Commentators on the story on the whole do not appear to come down for or against electronic cigarettes.  Indeed, the main reporter actually says, “e-cigarettes have been extremely beneficial for individuals that have been trying to quit smoking.”  He goes on to say that they help users cut down on their craving for nicotine.  It sounds like the reporter may actually know an e-cig user.

meth-cubesThe story gets a little hazy from there.  It seems two suspects were being pulled over on belief of having stolen a gun.  What police found instead: some cubes of meth (apparently meth comes in cubes) and electronic cigarettes.  You can watch the video and read the story right here.

Now, I’ve got to editorialize a little more than normal here.  I’m not very familiar with the intricacies of meth, but I’m pretty familiar with what it takes for most electronic cigarettes to function.  And while there may be ways to deliver meth via an electronic cigarette, it seems unlikely that these men found a way to cram cubed meth into an e-cig and smoke it.  I am more than willing to accept that I may be wrong on this fact.

headshotsHowever, the story only says that meth cubes and electronic cigarettes were found in the same car and police don’t actually say that the e-cigs were in active meth use when found.  That doesn’t stop them from warning people that meth users could be e-smoking their meth right in front of you and you might not know.

Isn’t it possible that these individuals — who don’t look as rough around the edges as you might expect — were using their e-cigs for the intended purpose?

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