Do Androids Dream of Electronic Cigarettes?

Kevin Burke
by Kevin Burke
June 29, 2013

UK-based e-cigarette brand SMOKO has created what’s likely the most thoughtful, creative electronic cigarette advertisement yet. Take a look:

In what the ad creators call an homage to Blade Runner, the clip manages to draw a parallel between the themes of the film and e-cigarettes, while still pointing out the benefits of vaping over smoking and making their own product seem pretty great. Combining all of these seemingly disparate ideas into one, coherent video seems a feat of advertising genius.

While you probably won’t catch this on ESPN or during the Super Bowl, the creativity and originality here will pay good dividends for the brand in time. Fans of the movie may notice a direct reference to this scene and another scene specifically.

And although Blade Runner is a distinctly dystopian vision for the future, most of us vapers know that e-cigarettes are the future and like the line used in the clip “the future is now”.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to grab my ProVari and head out to hunt some replicants.


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