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  1. TheCrookedOne says

    I will be checking this Company out…
    Banana Split..and The Daiquiri ..Hmmm sounds yummy.
    Great review…:) Some day i will review on the camera….Shy. Soon 🙂

    You don’t vape funny 🙂 Way to GO !!!!!

  2. Kristina Pennell says

    nice review

  3. Amanda says

    They sound wonderful!!

  4. mrcrunch08 says

    nice review. I will have to give them a try. I haven’t tried any of their juice yet but looking forward to it.

  5. Lincoln Pennell says

    Nice Review

  6. Nathaniel says

    Thanks for the review, might try a few of the flavors!

  7. Adam says

    Thanks for sharing. I might have to try it!

  8. Sgtpandybear says

    I can only assume that the flavor is muted because it looks like you are using a cartomizer. Try dripping it in an atty and then tell me its muted.

  9. Robin Ratliff says

    I have purchased liquids from this vendor and have really enjoyed the caramel macchiato and lisa cotton candy.

  10. Chad says

    nice review. Thanks!

  11. Philippe Caron-Boutin says


  12. Michelle says

    Great review

  13. slap_maxwell says

    Thanks for the reviews; I’ve GOT to get me some of these! 🙂

  14. Courtney says

    Nice review, keep sharing!

  15. Michelle says

    I love DFW! Coffee, Earl Gray, Twink y, Waffle, English Toffee ALL very good

  16. slap_maxwell says

    Banana Split sounds awesome…do thy sell by the gallon? 🙂

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