Dear Science: A Piece of E-Cig Research We Need

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Researchers have been working on determining just what effects electronic cigarettes have on their users’ health.  But these studies focus largely on the immediate impact of their use and do little to compare and distinguish their effects from that of smoking conventional cigarettes.  There is one study that shouldn’t be too difficult to perform and which could shed light on the true promise of electronic cigarettes.

A good number of individuals that have smoked daily for decades have had x-rays done of their lungs.  These don’t often return good results.  But a couple smokers we talked to that have turned to electronic cigarettes are seeing positive results in a very visible way.

One particular individual claimed to have been smoking 3 packs a day at one point.  After taking up electronic cigarettes, the individual dropped to smoking about a pack and a half.  Even while smoking both e-cigs and conventional cigarettes, the individual has reported more than vague descriptions of improved health.  His doctor has said that his lung x-rays are looking better.

E-cig advocate and public health professor Michael Siegel, has heard the same stories.  He’s heard of improvements like this from a number of electronic cigarette users and their doctors. “I am not aware of any studies that have formally investigated changes in lung function following a switch from smoking to electronic cigarettes,” says Siegel. “However, given the anecdotal reports from many [electronic cigarette users], I think this would be an important and worthwhile area of research.”

This could be a significant step in showing the working improvements switching to electronic cigarettes can make. We can’t imagine it would be that hard. A lot of individuals that smoke end up having lung x-rays in order to determine just how bad off they are. As more people try and succeed at transitioning to e-cigs, inside a year, we could see exactly how quick the human body moves to repair the damage done.

Do you have a before and after lung x-ray? We’d love to see it! We might even send you some free stuff in order to use it! Email this reporter: [email protected].

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