Cloned Mods – The Hot Topic

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hot topicIt seems as if everyone’s talking about clones these days. Whether it’s because they despise them or because they can’t wait to get their hands on one, it’s certainly a hot topic within the community.

Clones are simply a copied version of another item. It was designed to look the same and perform the same, and the majority of these clones are being produced by China manufacturers. It all begins in the hands of the creator… they original version of an item’s cost is marked high, and often sold in limited quantities. By doing this, many people believe it’s so that the original creators can make big bank and limit the amount of items being sold so other consumers will want it that much more.

Fabrication WorkIn reality, the original creator is being hammered by the cost of production, which limits the amount of items they’re able to afford. Since it costs so much to put the items in production, the retail price of each item will have to be marked up enough to make it even worth the time taken. Furthermore, quality is in high demand from consumers and these original creators do not want to take the chance of producing a sub-par product with a high chance of failure. This is why they source the best materials to use since they are taking quite the chance. By chance I mean, they have no clue if this investment in money and time will pay off. They don’t know if the consumer will love or hate the product. How do you feel about taking a chance with say $5,000, not being sure if you’ll get that money back or not? – Right, and this is why original, quality products have such a high retail price.

With a cloned product, which is typically produced by Chinese manufacturers, the cost is very low. This is done by the manufacturers themselves, so the only cost is the materials and cheaply hired workers. Instead of sourcing a machinist to make the product like most US companies do, these China manufacturers create the cloned product in house. In addition, much like many China made products, materials used aren’t exactly the best. In fact, they use the cheapest of materials so that it costs them very little to produce.

mod clonesThere has always been 3 problems that exist with a copied version of a device (mods are of course what we’re talking about); quality and materials used, retail pricing and the pure fact that the design was stolen. We already went over the slacking quality and materials used with clones, but the pricing we haven’t fully covered. The super low pricing of clones are great for many people. It gives those people who can’t afford to spend $200 or don’t see the sense in it, a way to own a popular or costly device. However, the bad thing is, is that the low pricing depreciates the value of the original device. Where an original device may have been looked at as a great price because not everyone owned one, when they’re cloned and easily available at such a low price, it gives consumers an idea that the cost of the original was too high.

dirty dancingAnd, then there’s the stolen design to the product. In the e-cigarette industry, we all know this too well… If you make a device and it becomes even remotely popular, it will be cloned immediately. In this industry, people look past it and don’t think too much of it, but in reality it’s no different than someone copying a well written article or a popular painting and selling it for a quarter of the original price. It’s down right dirty, yet for those of us who can’t afford an original, the high prices from those creators are almost forcing us to settle for less.

So, can you look past the high price and play the waiting game for an original, or are you one of the ones who were forced to settle for less? – This topic has been on-going for quite some time, and I feel that there will never be a stop to it. China plays a huge role in the products we use everyday, and in this e-cigarette industry, there is no difference. You’re either one for it or against it.

What are your thoughts? We would love to see them in the comments below.

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  1. Karolina dam says

    Clones are steeling from the modders!!! Period!
    I buy originals and i support my modders. I dont want clones, i want quality and great designs.

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  3. Del Boy says

    Actually what counterfeiters are doing is called dumping or predatory pricing. What ever you want to call it. They sell their clones and counterfeits under production price and they try to destroy small modders , no matter how small they are. + what you said. People dont really care about the fact that one day it will be their turn and their job that they will target. Watch the documentary “Death by China” on YT , everything is explained.

  4. house painting says

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  5. Some guy says

    I can fully understand the vitriol towards mod clones, and I appreciate the “concerns” people have towards the mod makers themselves, but lets also he realistic here. High end mods, be them mechanical or VV/VW for the longest time have been out of the hands of most vapers out there, being bought in droves by collectors/enthusiasts as well as the “ecig mod flipper/auctioneer”. Even mods like the Kamry KTS, various Sigelie mods and well as the Matneto are copies or clones of other clones(minus logo copying). Lets also face the facts that mods are popular, pack a punch and have become a staple of vaping. Many vapors out there find egos not enough, and unless this stuff is being mass produced, vaping as it has been has been a rich man’s luxury or incredibly adept collectors thriving on forums as the breadth of their time used. Clones has given vapors like products no where else available, and many of your authentics are no longer made and all in some form of ownership, not exactly a good thing for what is essentially a tobacco alternative, not a international sport cars. Clones democratized the vaping community and allows either knock offs are similar alternatives to reach retail locations and vapors hands alike, rather than a market with mods that only have limited 10 count presses and only the “elitist” vape celebrities get to wield. Its their money they will buy what they want.

  6. mark says

    People dont worry about supporting the orignal manufacturers. The vape boom hasnt even arrived. They will get their money in good time.

    This is the way it works …

    The more a product gets cloned manufactured and sold … The more people see it … the more people want it … the more people want the original genuine article. = makes millions

    When rolex watches go bust ill eat my face.

    I own 3 nemesis clone mods and every time I hold it I think …. I wish this was genuine. Im dropping hints to my miss, mum, sister that I would want a genuine one hoping they’ll get me one for my 30th all I can do is hope (fingers crossed) if not fck it im buying one 🙂

  7. Etchie says

    I don’t illegally download movies, TV shows or music. I’m always in favor of the artist. That stops here. I’ve heard it can take a modder over a year to design a mod. This is the easiest road bump in the conversation. If it takes you that long to design something so simple, you should probably be doing something else. Most mechs have a logo (you can hire someone to design if you can’t do it yourself) and there’s a handful of different type of top caps and options. There’s nothing different. The idea of how to design a mod is basically a vaper’s Build-A-Bear Workshop. That’s why they’re so easy to clone. For every mod or atomizer made that was innovative, I can probably name 50 that cost the same and offered absolutely nothing new.

    This is about business. First off, they’re selling out of everything they make, so I’m not really sure what they’re actually missing out on. The idea that their product has depreciated in value even though they already have the money from the sale? China can cut the price of anything manufactured anywhere. This isn’t anything new. Why do they seem to be taking so much money from this industry? Because we were already being robbed! There wasn’t an alternative before and you either paid the ridiculous price or you were turned away. Now we have a choice.

    Authentic mod makers now have what is quickly becoming an unrealistic business plan. I’ve heard them mention a few times that the high production costs are what cause the short run of mods, which make them rare and more high cost. Why then, do you see another mod come out from the same group? Are you telling me that they took all that time designing a new mod, and once they sold all of them at lightning speed, their great idea was to go back to the drawing board and design a whole new one? They didn’t think to make another batch of the same mod and sell those off at more competitive price? Maybe sell them for less and just do batch after batch, maybe while designing a new mod on the side if time permitted? I can’t think of any industry that would make something that flies off the shelves and then just stop making it. Probably because if an industry did do that, it would be dead before I ever discovered it’s existence. Your mods look great and I applaud your product, but you’re going to die. And it’s going to be your own damn fault.

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