Calling Presidential Attention To FDA Control Of Electronic Cigarettes

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The White House’s We The People website has gained quite a lot of popularity in a relatively short time.  The premise is nice and simple: start a petition and 25,000 signatures guarantees a response.

This guarantee was even tested recently when a petition for the U.S. to construct a real Death Star (the planet-sized battle station from Star Wars) hit its necessary number of signatures.  The Obama administration actually handled the petition with good nature and provided a list of realistic reasons this wouldn’t be happening.  Good move in an age where the internet tides are quick to turn against anyone without a sense of humor.

In a more serious area, a petition has started asking the White House to keep the FDA from regulating or banning electronic cigarettes.  At the time of this post, the petition was already a 5th of the way to its goal.  I for one would be curious as to the response the administration might take to this petition.  Any level of research should return one thing: there needs to be more research before a decision can be made.

Granted, chemical products should be regulated to the extent necessary to maintain safe and clean standards for the companies involved.  It’s time e-liquids made in bathroom sinks make way for (affordable) sterilized environments.  Still, the FDA shouldn’t be able to impede the basic commerce of an industry no more dangerous than the others already out there (particularly tobacco cigarettes).

At the moment, the FDA looks to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products or smoking cessation devices.  E-cigs are enough of a market anomaly at this point that they warrant there own category — one safe from biased and destructive regulatory action.

This puts more words to the petition than its creator may have intended, but the point is essentially the same.  Keep the FDA out of e-cig affairs that don’t fall under its reasonable jurisdiction.

Sign here

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  1. d1gw33d says

    According to a page dedicated to “ecigs” in the recent issue of Time there are over 2 million ecig users… I would think that the 25,000 needed would be a slam dunk and I”m surprised its taking this long.

  2. saboinia says

    done signed……………………and \x/ fingers crossed

  3. mrcrunch08 says

    I have faith in my fellow vapers. We seem to be a devoted bunch.

  4. Brian Addison says

    I signed the petition and also posted the link on Facebook. Vapers band together to get the remaining signatures.

  5. Todd says

    I also signed. I hope this keeps spreading as I expected way more sigs today when I looked again.

  6. Courtney says

    Added to FB, hopefully more will sign as well

  7. Philippe Caron-Boutin says

    Cannot sign because im canadian

    But, give a vape kit to Obama for help him to stop smoking, that can be a good move

  8. Mike says

    I too am surprised this hasn’t reached the amount needed more quickly. I have signed it and passed it on to many vaper friends of mine.

  9. Nathaniel says

    Going over to sign it right now!

  10. Chad says

    Just signed it! Thanks!

  11. slap_maxwell says

    Can’t hurt to sign…even though so far the White House hasn’t really done much with any of the petitions placed there…methinks it was all just a PR stunt for the White House.

  12. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    So how likely is it that ecig are going to be banned? This is something i am very concerned about. i never thought I would ever quit smoking and ecigs were the only thing that worked for me and now they are talking about taking it away. i would be devastated. Does it look like it is a for sure thing? If so I would like to stock up on nicotine and just keep it in my freezer. I think it would be terrible if ecigs are banned. I am just outraged by all of this.

  13. Johnathan Brown says

    i posted to sign this as well. I had previously read the death star response, and it honestly had me ROLLING in laughter. Brilliant.

  14. Adam says

    Signed. Thanks for sharing!

  15. mongrel says

    I hope to see this get the needed signatures. I know this petition may not be very strong, but it’s a good chance for our voices to be heard.

  16. GhOsT DoGg 79 says


  17. Lincoln Pennell says

    I will be signing this petition 100% …. although in my personal opinion the Obama administration is not geared to care about less regulation on the people they seem to at least give a response.

  18. justin kibbe says

    regulate e cigs? how about regulating things that ADVERSELY affect people such as sex offenders hanging in parks and by schools. PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!

  19. Justin says

    I voted also, I think this is a terrible idea

  20. MrsCasey says

    I find it very interesting that on January 14th, the day the petition was created, the required amount of signatures to ensure review of the petition was 25,000 but the next day they changed it to 100,000. The websites reads “To cross the second threshold and require a response, a petition must reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days”. Did the person who created the petition know the change was coming or did our Government change the rules real quickly after it’s creation? I am assuming (should I?) that since this petition was created when 25,000 signatures was still the requirement that this petition will only require 25,000 signatures to be reviewed.

  21. MrsCasey says

    ManuDawg and I signed quite a while ago and have shared on FB and texted friends and loved ones asking them to sign. One of my Nephew’s friends saw the Petition but only gave it a quick glance but once he saw our comments on it in our FB post he said he decided, I don’t like smoking and I have quite a few friends who have been helped by ecigs, why shouldn’t I sign. So he signed and posted to his FB with his own comments requesting that people sign the petition. Now that is the extra support we need!

  22. Donald Hammond says

    Done and signed. Hope it does some good.

  23. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    Lets hope it makes a difference.

  24. Lincoln Pennell says


  25. crystalT64 says

    done and signed awhile back but concerned about the numbers we weren’t even at the halfway point i have put on fb and e-mailed it to my friends asking them to sign even if they have no interest but just as a favor to me. most of them know i am vaping so i hope they will

  26. Todd says

    I hate to jump the gun – but with all the publicity this has got all over the place – I think it’s going to make it! Real close to 20k now. Just another great thing to see getting the face time it is when I log into all of the various vendor sites. Even if they shrug it off …still nice to see 🙂

  27. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    Signed is a done thing. I definitely think Obama needs to get involved with ecigs to quit smoking. It would be an EXCELLENT PR move for ecigs and himself.

  28. mrcrunch08 says

    I signed a few das ago and we where still 7,000 short. Haven’t looked recently but hope it has reached it’s goal or is really close to doing so.

  29. Donald Hammond says

    Looks like we are getting close!

  30. jimpo42 says


  31. robovape says

    much like the death star, i don’t see it happening… nicotine MUST be regulated according to the laws and policies that we have in place and that’s the FDA’s department, as is making sure the Chinese don’t slip DEG into the juice… it’s great that we have this opportunity to have our voices heard, perhaps this will help the government to limit the FDA’s reach on this, but regulation is right there with death and taxes, utterly unavoidable at this point in America, the obvious end result…

  32. imtheboss says

    very nice. consider signed

  33. RCO67 says

    Ive no confidence in any of our so called leaders . Our country is too corrupt

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