Call to Action: Report These Children Vaping

by Brad
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May 18, 2015

**Update, as of 4:15 PM today, the video has been removed. Mission Accomplished!**


Hello ECA family,

I have a favor to ask of you. I know many of you wish that you could do more to help the vape community, right now you’ve got a prime opportunity that I’ll explain below.

A channel on YouTube called Savage Vapors popped up yesterday purporting to be  “dual reviewer vaping channel, focusing on mods, juices, etc.” There’s only one problem: the kids are clearly under 18, I mean like, not even close. If I had to guess, something like 14-15 years old.

Here’s their first trailer:

As you can see, we’ve got some real winners on our hands. Many in the community theorize that this is just a ploy for free vaping gear. Either way, this is extremely bad publicity for the industry as a whole, and would certainly lend gasoline to the “luring kids into vaping” argument.

So if you could all please do me a favor and report this video that would be great.

Here’s the link to the video

Here’s how to report it

P.S. Yes, I know that technically they are not doing something illegal in the video, but in my mind the implied content even in the state of legal limbo we live in may be enough to bust it.


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