Boston Bombing Victim Receives Free Ecig, UK Regulatory Body Gets Slammed On Youtube

by Brad
June 21, 2013

Hey gang, It’s Friday again, so that means it’s time my short attention span to shine! I’ve selected a couple items that I think you’ll love.

The Heartwarming

The recent Boston bombings that rocked our nation still weigh heavily upon all our minds. It’s hard to find any solace in the midst of such a depraved act. Then you stumble upon something so simple, something that others might not give a second glance, but it still hits so close to home:

#BostonStrong #VapeStrong


This poor fellow was injured in the bombing, and had expressed his desire to quit smoking. A local Massachusetts vape shop called Eastern Vapor decided to set him up with a free kit and plenty of juice. What an amazingly noble act, the kind of thing that restores your faith in humanity. Also, props to the hospital for letting him vape right in his room, looks like a very forward thinking establishment.

The Awesome

We’ve been reporting on the United Kingdom’sĀ Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agencies recent decision to regulate all products containing nicotine as medicines. I know what you’re thinking, how is that awesome? Just wait. They posted a YouTube video discussing their recent decision…but they forgot to disable comments. My favorite comment exposing their special interests:

In Big Pharma's Pockets? Surprise, Surprise!

In Big Pharma’s Pockets? Surprise, Surprise!

Click here to see the video and the rest of the comments, and be sure to sound off before they realize their mistake.

Any other awesome news stories from today? Be sure to post them in the comments section below. Have a great weekend!



2 Responses to “Boston Bombing Victim Receives Free Ecig, UK Regulatory Body Gets Slammed On Youtube”

      MrsCasey on June 26th, 2013 1:24 am

      Great stories! I’ betting the comments on YouTube video are disabled by now but I’m gonna go look now. Thanks Brad.

        ed west on July 14th, 2013 4:57 pm

        Awesome. I thought they would have removed the video by now but maybe they don’t know how youtubes work šŸ˜‰

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