Are You Removing The Wick?

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As the mountain of products progress, electronic cigarette users are gravitating to the latest in clearomizers as they’ve become the ‘it’ product. Not only have these clearomizers created evod coil heada craze in consumers, but the bottom coil changeables have also become the easiest to use and are one of the best performing products in 2013.

Though these BCC’s (Bottom Coil Changeable’s) are outstanding when it comes to performance, modding these tanks have become a way for users to get even more from them. Just like cell phones, you see people ‘jail-breaking’ them or ‘rooting’ them to get more performance. It’s natural for e-cig users to want to modify devices for longer battery life and in this case, modify e-cig hardware for more performance.

The most popular modification to bottom coil changeables is removing one of the top wicks that rest above the coil. By doing this quick and easy modification, you can expect a better e-liquid flow, thus producing a solid and more consistent vape each time your BCC is used.

However, sometimes doing this modification can cause a bit of gurgle from the coil receiving too much e-liquid. This typically happens when your e-liquid is very thin. You can avoid this by only performing this modification to coils where you’ll be using thicker e-liquids, such as a 50%(PG)/50%(VG) mix. For those that do use thicker e-liquids, this hardware mod not only improves performance, but it also lengthens the life of the coil.

Wick Removal Instructions

Take the head and remove the top rubber seal.

Removing Wick Step 1

Then remove the center post and grab a set of tweezers for the next step.

Removing Wick Step 2

With this particular head (eVod Head), it has three wicks total. 1 wick is wrapped by the coil and 2 wicks rest on top of it. Pull out 1 of the 2 wicks on the top. (if you accidentally grab both or the strands get mixed up, just split them up evenly and twist them back how they originally were)

Removing Wick Step 3

Place the center post back on.

Removing Wick Step 4

Place the rubber seal back on.

Removing Wick Step 5

Done! You just removed the top wick from a BCC replaceable coil.

Now the question still stands… Are you removing the wick?

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  1. afrazier5 says

    I vape at about 70/30, maybe 75/25 and usually remove about 1/2 of one of the wicks. I do notice it is gurgly and have to be careful vaping in the boys room due to the unfortunate acoustics with a gurgling tank 🙂

  2. Blake Brown says

    afrazier5, I tend to stay around 50/50, sometimes venturing to a 60/40 mix. With thinner liquids that have a much higher Propylene Glycol percentage, I wouldn’t think the wick removal would be needed. Maybe a bit too much gurgle? – On the other hand, with thicker liquids, it’s makes for an outstanding daily vape!

  3. Geoo says

    good material for learning! Thks!

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