APA Study: Vapor Damages Lungs

by Brad
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May 27, 2015

The American Physiological Association published a study today that claims that vapor from vaping products/ecigs (0 nicotine or otherwise) damages lungs. The full study can be read by clicking here.

Most folks are still pouring through the document, but one thing that is becoming abundantly clear is the questionable methodology used in the study. For example, many readers from Reddit are pointing to things that were excluded from the study:

1.) The temperature that the vapor was produced – This is incredibly important, because flat out burning the juice will of course lead to harmful elements in the vapor. We’ve seen this in the past when a similar study stated that formaldehyde was present in vapor. Turns out they were burning the liquid far beyond any usable temperature. When the temperature was reduced the formaldehyde vanished.

2.) The groups involved in the study –  The bias of the study may be in question, because at least one group is involved that has been spreading misinformation about vaping for quite some time: Kentucky Tobacco Research Center.

3.) Proplyene glycol shaming – Proplyene glycol is many things to many folks depending on who you ask. In this study (and like many sham studies before it) they refer to it as “anti-freeze.” That alone is enough for most vapers to nope the hell out of reading any further. Not to mention that proplyene glycol is a food grade additive  in everything from inhalers, to smoke machines, to hospital vents.

Now that doesn’t mean that combusting proplyene glycol is safe, that’s highly unlikely. Rather, it is a safer alternative to cigarette smoke, which is absolutely a known killer.

So in my estimation, and the estimation of many others, this study failed to add anything substantive to the debate, just more tired rhetoric.



One Response to “APA Study: Vapor Damages Lungs”

      GVV on April 28th, 2016 2:46 pm

      I don’t believe many if any of the “Vaping is bad for you” studies anymore. Ask anyone who has been Vaping for any serious amount of time and they will all tell you how much better they feel!

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