Announcing CRAFT VAPERY – The World’s First Curated Vaping Subscription Service

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I was just as surprised as you are when CRAFT VAPERY first reached out to me a week ago. Sworn to secrecy until today, I am so pleased to finally let the cat out of the bag about the world’s first personalized subscription vaping service!

As vapers, we’ve all had the misfortune of purchasing a flavor that we just didn’t like. CRAFT VAPERY seeks to change that in a few dynamic ways. For one, every e-liquid in their selection has been tested by a panel of experts to ensure quality. Second, when you sign up, you create a profile establishing your personal preferences with respect to flavors and strengths. Finally, CRAFT’s personal recommendation engine assists your personal curator in hand picking three bottles of e-liquid that will be shipped to your home each month.


Next, you give CRAFT your feedback. If you loved a flavor (or flavors), you have the ability to “lock it in” to your monthly subscription until you want to try something else. Also, if you hated a flavor, you’ll never receive it again, and CRAFT’s curators – who give me the impression they truly seek to better understand their customers’  tastes – will oftentimes give you a call to find out why. Not to mention that each box contains your personal curator’s contact information should you need to reach him or her.

I’ve been assured that CRAFT VAPERY’s expert curators have scoured the internet, vape shops, and every corner of the earth to find the best e-liquids that the world has to offer. Apparently they’ve been pouring through many of the most popular vaping forums and communities on the web for some time now to build their inventory.

CRAFT has informed me that subscribers will also have the option to opt-in to several upgrades each month ranging from one-time additions like starter kits (once again, hand picked and verified by their panel) to recurring packs of Kanger atomizers or Boge cartomizers.

Initial shipments will begin in early January 2014 and are limited to only 300 subscribers. Beginning today, you can get your hands on a subscription for $40/month.  And ECA readers who use the following code at checkout can get 20% off their first month’s subscription: ECA20

Stay tuned for additional coverage of CRAFT VAPERY. We expect to have an interview with one of the founding partners, industry veteran Joshua Krane (former CMO of SafeCig), very soon.

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  1. joe b says

    3 , 15ml bottles for $40… what a deal!!! sike.. you joking?

  2. Nev says

    It sounds like a great concept but I’ve been let down way too many times by juice vendors making claims of a great product when it’s been horrible. I would like to hear more feedback before making a commitment at that price. I like the attention to detail that’s advertised and the customization. There are lots of other services such as this one and I’ve yet to try any. Maybe once they’re more established I’d consider a subscription.

  3. Brent S says

    Just checked em out…they seem to know what’s up and their juices and hw are cheaper than what I’ve been payin…maybe I’ll be the first to try it out and let you guys know how it goes

  4. slap_maxwell says

    Yeah…$40 for 45ml of juice that you have no idea what you’re getting? No so sure about this one. Plus they get to charge your CC “every month”? Hmmmmmm.

  5. Eddie says

    40 Bucks for 3 15 mil bottles? Are they insane! No thanks.

  6. lauriehere says

    This will appeal to the career oriented, easy-to-dispose-of, higher income people, ruling me out! LOL! I can see this working for them with these people, but I don’t think I would necessarily ‘like it’, to be frank. Having someone else pick out my juices . . . ??? Hmmm? Hard call.
    I would like to see this juice company, since they are supposed to be SO great in choosing the ‘right’ juice for people, exchange the ones they DON’T like. Now THAT would MAKE this juice company!
    Yes, there IS that monthly charge to your credit card ‘thing’, although don’t we ALL do it in some way such as with our utilities, etc.? Personally I don’t do it/can’t do it since I am on disability (the company won’t do that), but even if I could I would never allow ANY company to deduct money out of my bank account or credit card. I much prefer to have that power in my hands.
    I wish these guys luck. We’ll see how it goes! We have one Commenter here who is willing to give it a try! I wish them great enjoyment! I can’t wait to hear back!

  7. Brent S says

    Alright everyone

    I got my first package and…. I’m SUPER impressed.

    On the surface level, the packaging was awesome and each glass 15ml bottle was individually wrapped.

    My curator Chris included a handwritten note explaining the liquids I received which was a super awesome touch and something i did not expect. I received Alpha Vapes Miss White (which I am currently dripping and it is fantastic!). I also received Cyber Liquids Cafe Royale which just became my new favorite coffee flavor. Any and all coffee drinkers should check it out. Lastly I got DNA’s Milk n Honey which is also really good and I will probably drip it this whole weekend.

    Can’t wait for my next package

    3/3 grand slams… A++

  8. Jennifer says

    I have signed up. I do think that the price is a little high but since I live in a rural area, there are not very many places to get supplies, other than the local gas stations and their prices are pretty high too. The few shops that are around here with their own juice, are not that great and high priced as well. So I will give them a chance with an open mind. I have received my first box today and will be trying the first of the 3 juices tonight. they have sent me a nice mix to get started with. I will be happy to come back later and let you know what I think of the service and the products.

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