5 Groups That Should Love E-Cigs

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It’s easy to focus in on the repentant, nicotine-addicted smoker as a potential consumer of electronic cigarettes.  But there are certain groups that might benefit from the existence of an electronic cigarettes market in some more subtle ways.  Here’s a few.

Video Gamers
Many gamers have a proclivity for staying inside — particularly those ingrained in massively multiplayer online games.   These games don’t generally offer a pause button.   Some gamers simply smoke at their desk.   This isn’t always the best option.  Prolonged exposure to smoke can have really bad effects on your computer system (image).  In addition to being cheaper than conventional cigarettes (gamers can be a financially shaky crowd), electronic cigarettes can be far easier to use while gaming.  Your online party won’t get tired of waiting for you to come back from a smoke break either.

The days of smoking in a bar are largely gone.   And for many bars, it was a serious hit to business.   Smoking and drinking had quite a lifestyle when flawlessly married together.   The health aspects might have been problematic, but smoking in a bar was a part of the culture.  But now, smokers have to go outside.   For many bars, this even means leaving their drink inside.   Not only does this break up the steady purchase of alcohol for the individual, but the cold shock of the outdoors in winter time can sober up someone all to fast and end their night early.  Bartenders and bar owners should love the idea of electronic cigarettes.   Keep your patrons inside, comfortable, and making purchases.

Smoking damages living spaces.  Having a resident that smokes inside is a surefire way to end up with a hefty cleaning bill when they move out.  Many landlords nowadays won’t rent to smokers (whether they admit it or not).  Research into the vapor of electronic cigarettes, however, finds very few constituents that would otherwise destroy living space.  Similar to the health effects, the removal of smoke from the equation dramatically reduces the environmental harm.  The vapor dissipates before any real damage is done.

Non-smoking Spouses and Partners
Smoking tends to be a major point of contention between spouses or partners when one smokes and the other doesn’t.  This happens particularly often when one half of the pair quits.  As sense of smell returns, the non-smoking partner begins to realize just how much the smell of cigarettes can invade a house or vehicle.  In situations like these, electronic cigarettes can be a nice option.  Given that flavors are diverse enough to match almost any taste, the non-smoking partner might find the aroma of their partner’s nicotine habit isn’t too bad.  Family members stuck in the same house might even find they’re treating their smoking members less like lepers.  And on the brighter side, research is finding that the secondhand effect of e-cig vapor causes no discernible harm.

The Tobacco Industry
The tobacco industry has been struggling for quite a long time to outgrow the death rate of its consumers.  In the U.S. alone, smoking deaths reach about 440,000 a year.  Experts have said that if all smokers in the U.S. transitioned to electronic cigarettes, then the annual deaths due to smoking would plummet to around 4,000, maybe even 400.  Less harm also means their customers are spending less on health care and quitting aids and more on their product.  This is likely a contributing factor towards companies like Lorillard and R.J. Reynolds buying into the market.

Honorary Mention: Anyone That Pays Taxes
Smoking-related health care costs the U.S. more than $150 billion annually.  Smoking is considered the most harmful health related decision an individual can make.  Ideally, that money would not be a necessary expense in a future with less smokers and could go towards more interesting and useful programs and efforts.

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