4 Tips For Transitioning To E-Cigs

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Research is finding that without any help or assistance, electronic cigarettes can show roughly a 50% success rate replacing conventional cigarettes for smokers.  We believe that with the right plan and the right mindset, this success rate could be much higher.  Here’s a few tips we believe should help.

Learn a little about the science. Inevitably, you’ll be more likely to give electronic cigarettes a chance if you know they can work and know exactly how much less harmful they are than smoking.  Preliminary research shows they boast a far higher success rate than the 12% of most accepted cessation aids (gum, patches, etc).  At the same time, it’s been suggested that switching to electronic cigarettes and never quitting could be less harmful that 2 months of smoking.

Educate yourself.  When we hear about electronic cigarettes failing to work for smokers, we can often pinpoint failure to a lack of understanding about the market and the products.  There are lots of electronic cigarette review sites, bloggers, and more (ourselves included).  It can be a lot to take in.  But if you know a little bit about what you’re getting into (namely, the difference between models and mods, and which you will likely work for you), you can dramatically improve the chances they’ll succeed.  If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated electronic cigarette or vape shop in your area, the proprietors will often be more than happy educate you.

Associate the act. Similar to smoking, electronic cigarettes can fairly easily become associated with a given act or habit.  This association is often with things like drinking, sports, work or work breaks, sex, and more.  Part of the difficulty that comes with attempting to quit smoking is that these associations don’t easily go away.  Simply picking up electronic cigarettes and using them whenever may work for some, but others might need to work to transition the associations they built with cigarettes over decades.  Fortunately, many electronic cigarettes function similarly enough to conventional cigarettes to make transitioning fairly easy.

Don’t go solo. Transitioning away from conventional cigarettes does not need to be a solo act.  Smoking is often very social.  Using an electronic cigarette isn’t quite as unusual when you aren’t the only one doing it.  A circle of electronic cigarette users can share experiences with one another, advocate use of their best products, flavors, and brands, and generally support each others’ efforts to transition.

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  1. Karla Lyle says

    I am a little surprised to hear that ecigs are only a 50% rate. I think with the right direction and if someone sincerely wants to quit and has the right equiptment, which I think is key, the rate would be much higher. I guess that 50% would probably account for people who just picked up a cheap crappy disposable or some other bad product that was probably over priced. I agree that with the right education ecigs success rate would probably be close to 100%. I smoked for 20 years and tried everything. Including an inhaled nicotine that also looked similar to cigarettes and vaping is the only thing that worked. I thought I was just destined to be a smoker for life. If vaping could help me quit smoking I think it could work for anyone.

  2. Sabrina Mitchell says

    My husband has quit smoking using mods and he says he will never go back. By the numbers here I guess and hope he is one of the 50% that succeed. But I do think the number would be higher with proper education and use of it.

  3. Steve Mitchell says

    When I started the e-cig way to quit smoking I went into it full bore without doing any research on it and I bought a model e-cig. It worked for a while and I even cut back a lot. After more and more research I found out about mods. and because the models were not fully working I tried the mods instead. This time I researched it and got all the info I could at the time. Since I got my mod I have not smoked. One important thing to remember is to quit when you are ready not when others say you are or just because you think you should. You have to want to quit.

  4. John says

    I agree with Karla.. seems like the success rate is better… but I guess that’s just the online community

  5. Mike says

    Had I had more information, like I found here later on, as well as better gear, that first week wouldnt have sucked so bad.

  6. chad says

    Im glad i quit smoking before i started vaping.

  7. MorrinB says

    It’s hard to believe the success rate is so low. I started vaping and quit smoking on the same day and haven’t looked back. I haven’t even had the slightest craving for a real cigarette in months now. Guess I started with the right device!

  8. Adam says

    I admit- I still smoke a regular cigarette or two a day. I am using a 12mg nicotine flavor; so maybe I need to bump up to 18?

  9. crystalT64 says

    i definitely believe that having “vape” people around you makes all the difference. i only socialize with vapers via ECA but they have helped me transition with both education , support and just plain friendship.

  10. Sandy says

    What is mods? And other brands you like.
    I have Blu, would like a lower grade but the website show them. but don’t sell.

  11. curlypeggy says

    I think that it was easier to transition over to ecigs because both my husband and I did it at the same time. It helps to have someone going through the process.

  12. RCO67 says

    I think a big portion of the fifty percent that ecigs don’t work for are those that have no support network and/or do not do online research.

  13. Mike C says

    Just curious – does “smoke” from e-cigs set off smoke detectors?

  14. Tsull says

    I am on my way.. Have cut down from 25 cigs a day to about 2-3 pretty easily. I think there are a few associations that have been hard to completely switch over… especially drinking. But I think with a little more mind power I can completely transition.

  15. Michael Troester says

    I have successfully applied these steps to both myself and my mother. An internal 100% success rate 😉

  16. Greg Burczyk says

    No it doesnt Mike C. because it is not smoke. It is vapor created by heating up a liquid. I also feel as though the sucess rate should be much higher. I had tried a cheap e cig and didnt even come close to quitting. A few years later I decided to really look into vaping and see what the options were. I bought a provari and havent smoke since. I made the mistake of starting out at a 24mg nic level which was too low, but it has been less than two months and I am down to 5mg. I plan on making my own juice, which significantly reduces the cost, and taking sweet time going the rest of the way to 0. It has been 6 weeks, 5 days, 20 hours and 42 mins.

  17. unclerj says

    IMHO, the disposables can be either a blessing or a curse.

    My initial little 510 stick batteries and filled carto’s were enough to convince me that I could quit using E-Cigs.

    Enough to inspire me to do some further research anyway after I was sure my nic cravings could be dealt with.

    But if your first experience is with a disposable that taste like old gym socks and is combined with a short battery life (especially if you just blew $10) you are ‘not amused”, will most likely never try an E-Cig again and tell all of your friends about your sad experience!

    And let us not forget that the disposables you get from the gas station (or whatever) don’t give you any additional info than it just cost you $10…

  18. greg clark says

    A new vape shop opened in town and being in Colorado, I stopped by to checkout options for vaping marijuana (legal here). Not that kind of vape but had considered e-cigs in the past. Walked out with an eGo C kit. After 40 + years of smoking haven’t even wanted a cigarette since I left that store 4 weeks ago.

  19. Rodney H says

    I am a 40 yr smoker and have tried several ecig models in an attempt to quit smoking and none have worked. The cravings are still there even after vaping until the battery depletes. I have just ordered my first eGo mod and can’t wait for it to arrive. I have tried every device, medication, and gimmick to help me stop, all without success. The nervousness of withdrawal is overwhelming but now I think tha I have finally found something that will work. The one thing that the models have done for me is to let me know that I really enjoy vaping. With the right mindset and determination, I know that success is right around the corner. Thanks eCA for the extra tips.

  20. Shane says

    Let me first say that I was a recon smoker for over 15 years and could not kick the habit no matter how hard I tried. Second is that I thought I would be a cigarette smoker for life, even when I had children. The habit was that bad until a few months ago I had coworkers who introduced me to vaping. At first I thought the same as every other regular smoker who thought this might be a waste of time & money. But I was wrong. Within a few weeks of vaping different flavors with 18 mg of nicotine per liquid, I was slowly reducing my cigarette intake. I started to slow down or not even finishing my whole cigarette as I once did.

    It’s been 3 months now since I bought a pack nor even puff a cigarette!
    I loaded up in juices and VV mods. My nicotine level has reduced big time and now I am just enjoying the delicious vapes and wondering why I even was addicted to those nasty Reconstituted cigs in the first place.

    Do yourself a favor and start vaping if you haven’t already. You will thank yourself and your loved ones will too.

  21. Paws says

    For me, I bought some tanks, batteries and played around with different flavors and found several that I really liked. Then when the cravings for a smoke hit, id go outside where I use to smoke and chain vape. I got to the point that I no longer even liked the taste of cigarettes nor the smell

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