3 Biggest Mod Fails

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Back in the early days of electronic cigarettes, a new product release was often surrounded by loads of hype. This was likely due to the manufacturer talking highly of the product, then the e-cig community would do the rest. It’s like when a new iPhone comes out, but on a much smaller scale. Sometimes, things don’t always turn out so great.

Here Are Three Of The Biggest E-Cig Dissapointments:

1. The Eclipse EQ

The Eclipse EQ received a ton of hype. The “EQ” was a variable voltage, bottom feeding box mod. Though that doesn’t sound like much, what made this bottom feeder different was that it had the ability to automatically feed the e-liquid.

eclipse eqIt used an 18650 battery, featured automatic e-liquid feeding by way of an electronic micro pump, programmable pump time to adjust how many drops go into your atomizer, ultra powerful custom boost circuit to achieve maximum vaping voltage, internal charging, variable voltage 4-4.9 in 10th increments or 5-6v in 10th increments, custom juice well to re-feed excess e-liquid back into the atomizer, manual mode or program mode, pump off mode / if you want to just use the EQ as a PV, battery level check / low battery indicator and touch sensitive button – along with a few more added features.

The EQ sounds exciting right? – Well, the excitement was short lived, along with all the hype. Why? – First of all, the EQ was only delivered to a handful of those that pre-ordered it. Then the product was recalled. Though I don’t know the full story of the EQ, I can tell you that it was a giant flop. It could have been one of the most advanced personal vaporizers this e-cig industry has ever seen.

2. The Janty MiD

The MiD, also known as Modular Intelligent Device enjoyed similar buzz (from me included.) Even before I ever received the device. I went over it’s announced functions and features and was instantly drawn to it.

MidpicNot only does the MiD offer variable voltage, variable wattage, a slew of check features and it’s own personal “MiD Community”,  it was also the device that was introduced just after the Joyetech eVic – which was the first device to let us interact with our personal vaporizer via PC.

The MiD also gave you the ability to interact with your device, but on a much more detailed scale. You could literally change every aspect of your vape to be personally customized to your specific atomizer, cartomizer or e-liquid tank. The body also had a detailed and fairly decent design for a tube mod.

The MiD was the eVic’s competitor, instead of offering just a way to personalize your vape, you could share it with others, as well as download and install other customized “profiles” as they call it. So, if the MiD embodied everything required to have the perfect vape, why do I consider it a failure?

The problem with the MiD was that it was quite advanced in some areas, but severely lacking in others. It had all the key features a device would need, but was far too advanced for your everyday vaper. It relied on a ‘blink’ pattern for you to even navigate through the menu. It didn’t come with a fancy eVic screen, but instead you had to remember how many clicks to the right and left you needed to go just to switch to your created vape ‘profile’ or check your battery life. If the MiD didn’t come with an extensive and detailed user manual, the average vaper would never figure out how to use it.

While the MiD started as a great idea, it quickly fell from grace.

3. The JBox

Jbox APVThe Jbox was a fully custom, handbuilt-to-order Variable Wattage APV. The box mod utilized the DNA circuit board from Evolv with an output power range from 5 to 12 watts. A work of art, the wooden and high glossed Jbox was small, sleek, and elegant. It featured a 2200mah battery that was non-removable (charged via mini usb port.) The wattage is controlled by a potentiometer that is recessed so that once it is set it can’t be accidentally changed.

For those of you who require something beyond a standard eGo, the Jbox would have been a nice addition to your collection.

Sadly, this beauty made it into the list of fails. Why? – The Jbox was created by a highly respected member of the online electronic cigarette community. Yet, once business started booming, he turned rogue. He was a friend of mine, probably a friend of yours, but once it was time to step up to the plate, he couldn’t produce because of personal issues. Sadly, the Jbox craze left many customers without a mod and thousands of dollars unaccounted for.


Know any other giant product flops? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. kelli perkins says

    So sad but through all the trials and errors look at what is out there now.

  2. Jimmy says

    Not a mod but does anyone remember Juice Blaster E-liquid. In my personal opinion it was the best liquid ever and I still feel like that and I miss it every day. However when business got booming the owner diapered and took thousands of dollars from fellow vapers that over time had become friends with him. To this day I’m not sure if anyone has heard from him.

  3. Striker says

    The Groove. The VV Gripper. Both had awesome electronics. Thats about it. Every battery door will break on the Gripper. The Groove was recalled.

  4. Blake Brown says

    Striker, funny that you mention it because I was going to include the Gripper at first.

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